Salvador Kitti

Wearable Art Accessories and Apparel

Have you ever seen wearable art accessories and apparel?  This is a really great medium for an artist to combine more than one form of art, which makes it multi-media art.  There are many ways an artist can create wearable art, including painting on fabric, digitally transferring a painting to fabric or screen printing an image onto fabric.  Wearable art is really striking if it is done right, which is where the problem can sneak in.  We had an annual arts festival in Atlanta and the park would be packed full of talented artists.  It was a favorite event that my oldest daughter and I would go to.  I had been going to this festival when Chelsea was still in a stroller and she is now 25!  Among the amazing art we would see, there was always a handful that just weren’t at the level of other artists.  I remember an artist that had painted on denim jackets.  They looked very…um…immature?  I don’t know the word to use, but it wasn’t very good art!

Amy Pugh-Campos started Salvador Kitti in 2010 in my home city of Atlanta.  To know the art and the artist you should first know about two very important members of Amy’s family.  Amy’s husband brought home a pregnant cat who they named Pinta, which means to paint in Spanish.  When Pinta delivered her litter, one studious kitten stood out from the rest by displaying his love for Amy’s work.  This little guy was named Salvador and the rest is history!   Amy has found an incredibly clever method to transfer her original paintings onto different items, including change purses, t-shirts and handbags.

Photorealistic Accessories

Amy has found a unique process to make her photorealistic accessories and apparel.  Amy uses a method called all over photo realism which takes her original paintings and transfers them to the various goods, like her purses or shirts.  The result is a really striking image that does look very much like a painting.  I received the cosmetic ($25.00) of her painting “Stalwart Linage”, which depicts a grand looking pair of Rhinos.  As with all of Amy’s work, this item is just breathtaking.  You can purchase your own Salvador Kitti item online in Amy’s Etsy shop.  When you purchase an item from Amy, a portion of the proceeds go to a worthy cause including Zoo Atlanta!

One reader will win the “Wisdom” cosmetic bag ($25.00).

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