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Four Extraordinary Wedding Shower Gifts

Getting married has it’s perks, including all the great parties, showers and ensuing gifts you get to enjoy. Just like many women who have been labeled “always a bridesmaid, never a bride”, many brides have had to open their fair share of toasters or blenders. I know when I got married, I got 3 toasters, 2 waffles irons and 3 blenders. This fueled me to be a more thoughtful gift giver whenever I was invited to a bridal shower. Here are my top favorite gifts to give that the bride will not get from anyone else!

4 Bridal Shower Gift Ideas That Will Be A Hit

  1. Cooking Lessons: Many couples get married who may not have a lot of experience in the kitchen. A couples cooking class would be a much appreciated and thought gift for the bride and groom.
  2. Fitness Gifts: If you know a couple who are big into fitness and health, there are a few great suggestions for them. A pair of fitness trackers or a Bluetooth scale would be perfect for them.
  3. Green Thumb Gifts: With so many people going the organic route in the kitchen, an herb starter garden would be a useful gift. Another fun gift is a set of market baskets to hold their fruits and veggies when they visit the farmer’s market.
  4. Fun Kitchen Tools: Instead of getting the happy couple something for the kitchen they have seen 100 times, think outside the box. Try something different like “The Ex” knife set, manufacturered by RICSB and the designer is Raffaele Iannello.

If you have a bride and groom with a groom with a great sense of humor, “The Ex” knife would be perfect for them. Why get the couple one of the standard wedding shower gifts like a knife set in the butcher block of wood when you can liven up the kitchen instead? The Get the Ex Voodoo Knife Holder, is exquisitely made and is perfect for the bachelor or bachelorette or for your holiday shopping as well. Most of us are carrying around baggage when it comes to our exes, so why not get out some of that aggression with this hilarious knife set! Now when you think of them, you can stab them where it hurts wile making a meal with your new honey! Get The Ex has been featured on a number of news outlets including The View, NBC’s Open House, The Rachel Ray Show, The Today Show, and numbers NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX affiliates across the country.

This unique concept to get over that bad breakup or divorce comes from RICSB, manufacturers. The EX knife holder has been designed by the talented Raffaele Iannello, a noted designer in Europe. He has established himself in Italy as one of the finest young designers in Europe. He has found a way to add both the elements of humor, and tongue in cheek qualities as well as an innovative style. It will definitely start a conversation piece and would be a hilarious gift for someone on your holiday gift list this year. Imagine the look of surprise and delight when your co-worker, family member or friend opens this devilishly delightful knife set. The item is sold worldwide for just $160 from the RICSB website, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Overstock and Amazon. Be sure to follow The Ex Knife on Twitter.

Who do you know who would love The Ex Knife?

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