hobies buttonWe all have hobbies! My hobbies have changed as I go from one season of life to another. Right now I love reading a good book, working with my flowers in the garden and of course my favorite hobby – Blogging!

But I want to know! What’s your hobby?

Do you love to work with fabric, yarn, wood or paper? Are you a collector with an out-of-this-world number of items in your collection? Do you paint an unusual subject or work with glass beads? Do you enjoy a hobby I’ve never even heard of?

I want to know! I have sent out emails to everyone from President Obama and the governor of our state, to Ashley Judd, Oprah and your favorite blogger of all – Jennifer/Makobi Scribe asking what they enjoy doing for their hobbies. I need to hear from you to add to my list!

Why not take a minute and hop over to Hobbies on a Budget and let me know your favorite hobby!