Your wedding ring says a lot about you. Of course, it tells people you’re happily married but it also says lots about the things you value most when it comes to both fashion and life in general! Here’s my thought on what certain wedding rings say about you.

  • White Gold Band with One Diamond: If you opted for a white gold, all platinum band, with a single diamond like those from Ascot Diamonds you value practicality and simplicity over embellishment. You like pieces that will go with everything in your closet and look good for centuries to come. These metals are sophisticated, classic and bright and a single diamond draws the eye while not being too showy. This ring is a fantastic choice because of its simple and classy elegance.
  • Rose Gold Decorative Band: Rose gold is a unique and romantic choice for those who have an affinity for vintage style or just prefer their ring to stand out from the crowd. This blush colored shade has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, so there’s a good chance that you are a stylish person who loves to keep up with the newest trends. Either way, this choice is a stunning and feminine eye-catcher!
  • A Colorful Gem: If your wedding or engagement ring contains a colored stone, you have an adventurous spirit and a style that all your own. People flock to you for your fun-loving attitude and your optimistic take on life. For you, standing out from the crowd isn’t always a bad thing, and you don’t focus on fitting into other people’s ideas about what’s fashionable. This is a stunning, unique, and eye catching style that is likely to receive a lot of compliments!
  • An Ornate Band: You chose an ornate band because you wanted something that was unlike any other ring the people around you have. You are detail-oriented and wanted a ring that is unique and special to your relationship. Perhaps you have a bohemian style, so you chose a setting adorned with leaves or flowers, or maybe you’re a fan of the art deco style of the twenties with their geometric line-work. Whatever the case, you chose a piece of jewelry with stunning originality.
  • Delicate Setting: A smaller or more elongated stone such as a pear or rectangle shape is feminine and dainty. This style of ring is regal and refined without any of the stuffiness you might usually associate with a ring this stately; this is because the more delicate setting adds a modern and updated take to a classic silhouette. This is the perfect choice for someone who is elegant and refined but never boring.

It was really fun to write this post and try to guess what people’s rings say about them. What do you think? Did I mention your wedding ring style, and if I didn’t, what kind of ring do you own and what does it say about you?