Did you ever wonder what happened to kids being kids? Do you remember the good old days when kids just went outside to play without being told to? Do you remember when they could entertain themselves for hours and hours without needing to be plugged into anything? I know I do! If you wonder whatever happened to the good old days when kids were kids, you will definitely want to read my guest post on Jen and Barb Mom Life where I talk to you about just that topic. Before you head over, make sure you watch this cute video below! Just click the picture below to get to it. Then enter the giveaway for a $25 prize by telling me a fun fact you learned from the video.

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  1. Children need down time just like the rest of us. They are so over scheduled that they burn out just as we do. It is ok to let them be kids. they do not have to be in every sport, after school activity, or advanced class. It’s ok to let them find out who they are. Not what we want them to be. We should never put undo pressure on them. There’s enough of that in school (and out) as it is. I know as an adult, it’s very difficult to juggle everyday activities. With the goals of helping our children to be well educated, community involved, and sports minded….maybe parents should sit down and communicate, not dictate. Children are very intelligent from the early years of development. They will find where their dreams lead and we can guide them to excel and achieve.

  2. teach your kids to have some downtime because our kids have so much going on now a days and need to relax and take time for themselves

  3. The one thing that I heard that I related to was making sure not to put your children under too much pressure. My kids are both really laid back. I always made sure they had time to their selves. I can not say that I learned anything new.

  4. I agree with the video. I did not really learn anything as I know kids are faced with many pressures these days, but I agree with having time to ‘cool down’ and explaining things to your children. One woman in the video mentions that she let her ten year old watch “The Hangover”, but she censored out what she deemed inappropriate it parts for her child to watch. I think it is important to monitor what young and impressionable kids are seeing, but also if you allow them to watch certain things it is important to follow up with a discussion explaining certain factors to let them know that it may be entertaining to watch, but a certain action in the film should not be re-enacted.

  5. i know that i grew up too fast so i encourage our children to be children while they have the chance, being grown up isn’t fun!

  6. Can’t say that I learned anything, since most of what they were talking about was basic common sense to me. But people do have to be reminded that a lot of the pressure about ‘growing up’ is put on kids by the adults in their life.

  7. My children are grown but I have grandchildren. My granddaughter is involved in so many activities she has very little time to relax. I encourage her parents to be sure she has emotional stability, spirituality, and to remember a cell phone is still a phone and the phone still has a on and an off along with the computer.

  8. I knew most of what was presented in the video as I have been a part of many workshops/programs for parents. However, the reminder of be thoughtful of how old my children are and what they are expected and capable of doing, is always a good thing.

  9. Learned that we need to let kids be kids and discuss those situations that make parents tense up
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  10. now a day the kids want to be adults to quick and then they are wanting the adult way and not let them tell them what to do

  11. While people have different limits to what they deem is appropriate with their kids, I am of the opinion that while we might give an inch now…most of the time there can be repercussions. Kids are so wise these days, more than we give them credit for, making them seemingly to be older than their years. I do wish to see kids just enjoying being a kid. This video touched on the age of appropriateness of movies and style of dress.

  12. I learned that kids truly NEED that time during childhood for brain development and to learn to use their imaginations. They are growing up too fast these days, for sure.
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  13. I learned that kids are growing up to fast. I work in a Middle School and I will tell you everyday that I’m scared how these kids are being influenced by the media and marketing today.

  14. I kind of already knew, but kids aren’t taught to think of the consequences of their actions. Although in my experience, a lot of adults haven’t learned it, either.

  15. I learned they say that kids are “acting” older, but don’t really have the mindset to understand why they are acting that way. Like dressing sexy, when not really understanding what the repercussions of being “sexy” can be. Interesting.

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  16. I agree that children, especially girls, try to emulate things the see around them, in both society and the media. Often they don’t understand the image that they are giving off by wearing these types of clothing. Physically, they grow up far too quickly, but mentally they do not fully understand what they are doing.

  17. I learned that while it may seem like kids are growing up too fast, they don’t fully understand what they are projecting. They are often just copying the styles they see through the media.

  18. I agree that kids (mostly girls) like they said are growing up too fast but don’t necessarily understand what their doing. My 9 y.o. daughter loves dressing cute & tries to get away with wearing, say, a shirt that hangs off her shoulder or wants to wear make-up out but we put a stop to that!

  19. It confirmed what I knew. Our kids today are growing up way too fast. I’m 57 and there’s a world of difference between my childhood and the childhoods of my grandkids. Thanks for this giveaway.

  20. Even though we think kids are growing up too fast, they might not fully understand what they’re projecting. My preschooler loves to dance and sing Gangnum Style, but he just thinks it’s catchy.

  21. Kids do not have enough time just to be kids. We need to let them have more down time to relax, rest, imagine, explore….

  22. What I learned from this video is everyone has their own opinion and you cannot find that everyone will agree with you. In my opinion, kids might not be growing up any faster than they used to but that parents are raising their kids a lot different than they used to. Who really knows what the truth is? In the sixties it was not frowned upon when little girls wore mini skirts because it was a more innocent time. It is not so innocent anymore when even the TV commercials are showing things such as condoms, vibrators etc. etc. The fact that the picture of the litttle girl with her shoulder showing upsets some people is because they are putting their beliefs upon that child when in her mind it is probably just a nice shirt she likes to wear. In grade six I had a tube top that had one shoulder. No one thought that was inappropriate even though my navel was showing as well. That was in the 70’s and I didn’t feel “sexy” I just felt that it was summer, hot outside and it was cute. That is it, that is all. If you think about it, every generation has the idea that they raised their kids better. How often have you heard older people say, “kids these days!”. Now I sometimes catch myself saying it.

  23. I agree that kids need down time, but I also think parents should have expectations for their kids, I don’t think that is taking away from their childhood, it’s preparing them for the real world. Parents just need to realize it’s THEIR expectations not their kids. Parents also need to take their child’s wants and wishes and personalities into consideration while making expectations. So I guess my main point is, expectations are not wrong, how you handle the negative and positive of your own expectations make them right or wrong. Down time enhances great communication, great communication enhances realistic goals and expectations, realistic goals and expectations enhance growth for all involved.

  24. to tell and allow your kids some down time we push them to much at times ,there needs to be plenty of family time

  25. That kids need time spent with their families. You need to remember that a 10 y/o is still just a little kid!

  26. I agree with the video about how much we expect from kids today and the importance of down time for children and how they learn from watching us and may not really know exactly what “grown-up” looks they’re presenting to the world in the way they dress

  27. I learned that sometimes we have to teach our children to relax b/c they are under a lot of pressure all around.

  28. I think that it is true that we need to remember that though our children may rise to the expectation that we have for them in extra-curricular activities, it’s good for us as parents to remember that our kids are still kids and need us to give them a hug, a kiss, and to just be there for them no matter what their age.

  29. As much as kids need structure and goals in life, sometimes parents can expect too much from them. I think it’s great that this video reminds us that we all need “downtime” and moments to relax and have fun. It brings us closer together as a family and takes stress off kids and parents alike.

  30. As much as kids need structure and goals in life, sometimes parents can expect too much from them. I think it’s great that this video reminds us that we all need “downtime” and moments to relax and have fun. It brings us closer together as a family and takes stress off kids and parents alike.

  31. As much as kids need structure and goals in life, sometimes parents can expect too much from them. I think it’s great that this video reminds us that we all need “downtime” and moments to relax and have fun. It brings us closer together as a family and takes stress off kids and parents alike.

  32. “a 10 year old needs to be treated like a 10 year old”
    “constant need to succeed”
    “rise to the occasion”

    that’s what our future generations are all about. Adults want kids to grow up faster than they are mentally capable of doing. I don’t recall being pressured as a kid like I see kids today. The “constant need to succeed” – i think that is dependent on individual personalities. and I had to rise to the occasion and win that softball game as a youth and that taught me not only to try my hardest and in the end it may pay off, bu also good sportsmanship which you don’t see a lot of today

  33. All children should have down time. Parents need to get more involved in communicating with their children and teaching them good values

  34. I learned that kids do need to just have kid fun, their whole day doesn’t need to be structured all the time.

  35. Kids growing up too fast is so true! I learned that media influences kids. Talking to kids is good and to treat our kids as kids.

  36. I learned that we need to teach our kids to have downtime. Just time to do what ever they want that is fun and not based on a grade or winning. Also that if we as parents get involved in their downtime to make it fun. Everyone needs downtime or they will explode. Great video!

  37. I learned that for kids, downtime with their parents is important! If they don’t get downtime, they can crash emotionally.

  38. I loved your post over at Mom Life! I feel the same way and constantly wonder how I can make it possible for my kids to stay KIDS as long as they can. 🙂

    (I commented on your post over there too.)

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