What Is The Best Gift You Ever Received?

How are you doing on your holiday preparations? Now that the turkey has been gobbled up, I guess the holiday shopping season is officially underway! Do you have your home all decked out with your favorite holiday decorations? Were your kids bugging you since the first of November to pull them out and get them put up already?! How is the holiday shopping coming along for you? Have you gotten everything just about done or have you not even started? There are so many people to buy gifts for, do you agree? There are friends, family, co-workers, teachers and our favorite service folks. With all this shopping, you need to save money any way you can, and coupons are always welcome this time of year. With the amazing deals with coupons.com, you can save more so you can buy more! All of this talk about gift giving has made me think of the best gifts we may have given or received. What is the best gift you ever received and why?

What Made The Best Gift You Ever Received Great?

So you have narrowed down from all the gifts you have gotten over the years to the best gift you have ever received. What made the best gift you ever received great? It could have been because you really needed it or it was from someone very special. It is great to get a gift that many not have cost a lot but has great sentimental value. That is what made the best gift I ever received so great. It came from my oldest and it was nothing out of the ordinary and it cost less than $10. What made it so fantastic was how much thought , energy and effort that was put into it. This was the first store bought gift from my kid, so of course it had to be perfect. I had mentioned I wanted to change the color scheme in the living room to blue and I would need to buy new decorative items to match. When I opened that candle in the perfect shade of blue in its pretty glass holder, I cried! It was absolutely the most precious gift I have ever received before or since. I would love to hear about the best gift you ever received in the comment section!

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  1. The best Christmas gift I ever received was when I was pregnant with our son. We knew the due date and my husband bought me a necklace with our baby’s Birthstone in it! I bawled and squalled like a baby myself! I was thrilled and have been ever since♥♥♥

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