I was talking with you earlier about the lessons I have learned from parenting, when Angel Soft first introduced their scrolls of wisdom. Since then they have released a few more. Now that I have pondered over all of these wise words, I ask myself what is the ideal balance of softness and strength. I think that moms need to have this at all times. Loving, yet not a pushover. Strong, yet approachable. It is a very thin line that we need to walk to mold our children into fine human beings. I think a certain firmness is needed to teach right from wrong, the value of hard work, and the ability to stick to something through to the end. BUT, it needs to be done in a gentle, understanding, nurturing manner; more like teaching or coaching and not a just do as I tell you attitude. I think that finding the balance in yourself helps your kids find it within themselves. Angel Soft has found the ideal balance of softness and strength in their toilet paper! I love that they relate this to family and parenting in the release of their scrolls of wisdom.

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Scrolls Of Wisdom

I love this one! “For one to truly grasp the challenges of parenthood, one must first experience…” two sick children at the same time while you are also ill. I have never had a rougher time parenting my two toddlers than when I was sick at the same time they were. It was at that point, I realized that I was never allowed to have a “sick day” again. When a toddler is sick, they are confused, scared, tired and cranky and the only comfort your baby will get is from you. A mom needs to learn how to not be sick even though they may have a raging fever while balancing two needy children on their lap. It is most certainly a challenge, but one worth mastering!


Life is a balancing act. Step with purpose and remember that in the end no one says, I wish I could have worked more. Take time to enjoy your life and your family. Enjoy the moments when they are small. You can never get time back, so cherish every moment that you can! When your baby wants to climb in your lap while you are working, let him because soon he won’t even want a hug in public.


Life is as good as the decisions we make, so remember to always think before you act; follow the Golden Rule, and realize that your actions in life have consequences sometimes good and sometimes could have been better. Every action has an opposite and equal reaction, so think about what your choice mean and what “footprint” they will leave behind. If you follow this, your life as well as all of those you touch will be better. Isn’t that what we all wish for our children? To have a better life? Take the time to teach them the scrolls of wisdom you have learned on your journey so that they may pass it along to their grandchildren. Angel Soft® is “An Ideal Balance of Softness and Strength®” just as most moms I know! What are your answers to your favorite scrolls of wisdom? What do you think the ideal balance of softness and strength is?