What Plus Size Fitness Apparel Is Best?
Now that I am on a path to losing weight, I am looking for what plus size fitness apparel is best for me.  I am not one to wear a pair of little bike shorts and a sports bra to the gym.  Even when I was thinner, I would not have worn that outfit!  Bearing that in mind, I decided to take a look at what apparel would make me feel comfortable that would move well with my workout routine.  I was surprised at a few of the suggestions as they were not what I would have thought would work for my body type.  Here is what I found:

What Plus Size Fitness Apparel Is Best?

  1. Skort: If you are uncomfortable wearing shorts, a skort is a great alternative.  The skort allows you the freedom to move about without showing off your underclothes!  A skort is also quite flattering on almost every figure so you can feel pretty while you work out.
  2. Tights: Now, don’t worry here!  I am not talking about the tight you wear with a skirt but rather a thicker and sturdier pair of tights that will move with you without compromising exceptional fit.
  3. Tankini: If you are one who feels a bit claustrophobic wearing a bra, a tankini is a great choice.  I hate wearing bras and I hate sports bras even more!  You can actually find tankini’s that will give you the support you need without pinching you in the breast.
  4. Sweatshirt: I always get chilly when I begin my workout but get warmed up halfway through my routine.  The best solution for this is to find a comfortable sweatshirt that will give you the right amount of warmth and freedom of movement until you are ready to take it off.
  5. Yoga Pants: If you haven’t owned a pair of yoga pants, you haven’t felt comfort yet!  This style is a great choice for more than just your Pilates or yoga routine.  The right pair of yoga pants will give you the confidence that you are covered up without swallowing you whole!  If you are a plus size woman and want to know where to buy the best active wear, I would recommend Moving Comfort.  What can I add to a name like Moving Comfort when trying to convey what they company is all about!

Most Comfortable Yoga Pants

The most comfortable yoga pants I have owned are those from Moving Comfort.  I love the cut and the fit of the pants because they don’t pinch me where most workout pants do.  I also feel squeezed in the crotch and I am embarrassed when I am in a class because I feel everyone is staring at me!  This is definitely not the case with the Flow Pant ($82.00) from Moving Comfort.  I will say that with my short and stubby legs, the Flow Pant is a bit long, but not so much that is got in my way.  I was also sent the Urban Gym Sweatshirt ($75.00) which I absolutely LOVE!  This sweatshirt is roomy enough that I can move my arms freely and the cowl style neck gives me plenty of ventilation so I am more comfortable temperature wise.  I am really impressed with the quality construction of both pieces, which means I will have these pieces for many years to come.

One reader will win their choice of the Flow Pant ($82.00) or the Urban Gym Sweatshirt ($75.00), depending on availability.


  1. URBAN GYM TIGHT by Moving Comfort may work for me. Yoga pants with the extra layered waist band is my favorite workout pants.

  2. I like the Fearless pant… I’ve decided I need to lose the twenty pounds I’ve picked up this past year, and get some of my flexibility back… so these would work so well with my yoga classes

  3. I like the Flex Hoodie…very cute. I have been loosing weight also and have been trying on new clothes lately. It’s been fun and enjoyable.

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