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What To Look For When Buying Chairs For Outdoors

When I think about folding chairs, I picture the old aluminum frames with either the woven or plastic materials. I would take our tri-fold chaise lounge out in the backyard, put baby oil on and prepared for cooking my skin into a tan! Remember how your legs or stomach looked when you got up after you had laid or sate on them for a long time? Thank goodness we have evolved into a more comfortable and durable type of chair now. In addition to the changes in the design of the chairs, we also have a much larger pool of styles to choose from. A lot of the chairs made now are for specific reasons or events like for camping, sporting events or the beach. I did a Google search to find out what to look for when buying chairs for outdoors and this is what I found:

  • Outdoor Seating:Many of the outdoor seating we have is used for porches or as lawn chairs. Because many of these chairs are used for most of the year, they tend to be sturdier, do not fold and have wider arm rests. Some of the most popular chairs in this category are Adirondack chairs. With these chairs out in the open for so long, they are usually made of special materials or are treated to withhold against the elements.
  • Tailgating and Camping:This style of chairs are needed to be portable, so they tend to fold easily and are lightweight. These chairs are also fine for watching the kids play sports or as extra seating when needed. Quite often these chairs will have at least one cup holder in the arm rest of the chair.
  • Hiking and Backpacking:These chairs need to be even more portable and lightweight than those used for camping and tailgating. Because they are carried for a long distance, many of these chairs are made to fold small enough to carry comfortably.
  • Beach and Sports: Often these chairs are interchangeable as they work well in both of these scenarios. Chairs for these areas often have a canopy to shade you from the sun. They are also lightweight and fold easily so they can fit into a vehicle. The company that sells a variety of well made chairs for the outdoors is Kelsysus

What To Look For When Buying Chairs For Outdoors

The reason I love the chairs from Kelsysus so much is because they are made with their customers comfort in mind. They have covered every base on what to look for when buying chairs for outdoors. They have chairs for the beach, for camping, for hanging out in the backyard and a very cool chair that is made to grow with your child. What a great design to help families cut down on the things they need to keep buying as their kids grow. I was sent the Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair, which is your typical outdoor quad style chair with an optional canopy. What a huge help for those days when I am out her in the hot southern sun and easily burn. With this chair, I can sit in the yard and watch the kids play or take it to a soccer game. It is super lightweight and folds into its own carrying case with convenient padded backpack carrying straps and built in pockets. Very cool! It also has padded armrests, can hold up to 250 pounds, folding legs and a built in cup holder and is waterproof as well.

The other chair we received was the Kelsyus Beach Canopy Chair which is perfect for the beach as well as the pool or even the park. The chair is low to the ground, has an SPF 50 sun canopy, has adjustable reclining positions and folds for easy storage and carrying. This chair also folds flat and has backpack straps for easy portability and can support up to 250 pounds. I absolutely love these chairs for their comfortability, the light weight which is perfect for less strain on my back and they are super durable. These are not the cheap chairs you buy in the spring and are tearing up by the end of the summer. These chairs are built to last and I am very happy that I have them to relax int he yard while I watch the kids enjoying their new trampoline! You can buy the products from Kelsyus, including the Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair for $49.95 and the Kelsyus Beach Canopy Chair for $65.95 online from their storefront.

One USA reader will win one Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair (49.95) and one Kelsyus Beach Canopy Chair ($69.95)


  1. When I think about folding chairs, I picture the old aluminum frames with either the woven or plastic materials”
    I do not agree, read

  2. My favorite, favorite Product is the
    Go With Me Chair. I have never seen anything like it and that would come in handy!

  3. wow, they have everything. my favorite product is the beach canopy chair, i am super fair skinned and this would help me stay safe!

  4. I love the go woth me chair in dot green pattern… This is seriously the smartest invention for the outdoorsy family!

  5. I would love to have the chairs I have a very fair skinned daughter and these would b perfect for her so she doesn’t get sun burned while at the pool or just outside with her friends they are great

  6. I like both the ‘Go With Me Chair – Blue Dot ‘ and the ‘Original Canopy Chair – Green’. Thanks!!

  7. My favorite would be the Original Canopy Chair – Blue. (Second favorite is the Beach Canopy Chair. Lucky me, they are the prizes!) Thanks!

  8. I love the kid’s original canopy chair! Having the shade over is so nice, especially for naturally pale kids like mine! 🙂

  9. I love the Original Canopy Chair… perfect for watching children’s baseball and soccer games as well as for camping!

  10. The Kelsyus Island Shade Shacks are nifty. I knew Kelsysus made chairs but I wasn’t familiar with their full line of products.

  11. I really like the Original Canopy Chair in Green! This would be great for my daughter’s soccer games, especially during raining games!

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