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When the weather is beautiful, everyone wants to be outside enjoying it. There are a myriad of activities folks can enjoy during the warm months like camping, boating, biking, hiking and my favorite the beach. Living in Florida has its perks you know! Who does not love a great picnic at the beach? However, what do you take with you to make this picnic a success? Here is a great list to make your picnic the best you will ever host!

  • Salad: Everyone loves to have a crisp and refreshing salad; but for a beach picnic, this is not always successful. Instead of lettuce, which will wilt in the heat, take a hearty kale and add some quinoa or farro for a hearty grain addition.
  • Sandwiches: If you premake your sandwiches, you may get a soggy and ruined meal. If you pack a nice loaf of bread like a baguette or french loaf, you are off to a great start! Add some of your favorite cheeses as well as a nice flavorful meat, like a salami or Serrano ham.
  • Sweets: A lovely and light sweet desert is always welcome on any picnic. Bring a nice crispy cookie or perhaps a fruity muffin. For a light and healthy suggestion, dip some fresh fruit in dark chocolate and pack on ice.
  • Utensils: Be sure to pack your plates, utensils and napkins. By using products made from recycled materials, you are carrying a lighter package and saving the planet at the same time! Even better, bring washable plastic plates.
  • Tote Bag Or Basket: You need something to carry all of your gear in. I prefer to carry my stuff in a refrigerated tote bag because it is just easier to carry around. If you prefer a traditional basket, make sure you find one with sturdy straps or handles for easier transportation.
  • Drinks: Since you are at the beach, it is perfectly fine to bring your favorite libations. Instead of carrying around a heavy bottle or two of your favorite wine, you may want to consider a new alternative. Now you can find quality wine in a can, like those from Friends Fun Wine In A Can.

What To Take On A Picnic

I have had my share of family picnics and have almost always had a great time. We love to find a great spot on the beach, spread out our gear and chow down on some awesome food. After we eat and get things packed up, we always get the Frisbee or volleyball out and play some friendly yet competitive games!

I love that you can have that same casual feeling while getting some one on one time. Good friends, good scenery and good wine! What more can a gal ask for?

Friends Wine 2
With the Friends Fun Wine In A Can, you get a wide variety of flavors that come in a planet friendly container. These cans leave a lower carbon footprint and can be recycled into a new can within 60 days of being recycled. I really love that when I toss my can in the recycle bin, it is getting used again, making me feel like I have made a contribution! You get French Wines that are made in France with 12 percent alcohol when you buy Friends Fun Wine In A Can. You can choose form such flavors as Cabernet Merlot and French Melon Wine. The  Sangria comes in Original Red and White and the Moscatos come in White, Rosé, Peach and Strawberry. They contain 6 percent alcohol, and each can sells for an average of $2.50 per can found in many stores where wine is sold. My favorites are the Peach and Strawberry Moscatos!


  1. I prefer sweet fruity wines such as peach, apple or strawberry.
    While my husband prefers reds such as Merlot.


  2. I could not choose between white Moscato or Sangria… both are oh so good. wow this IS a good idea, actually. Can throw the cans in the coolers, no glass! An idea whose time has come.

  3. Reminds of a Sofia from Coppola Wines–but theirs had a straw so I would ruin my lip color.
    might try the cab blend–the others are probably too sweet for me. Too bad they don’t offer a
    pro seco.

  4. I generally like Savignon Blanc but I tend to like sweeter white wines. I’d love to give the wine in a can a try.

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