Judge Me

Women for centuries have been judged on their weight. Don’t you think it is timed we were judged by something other than how big or little we are?

What do you think about the video? See what Lean Cuisine said on Facebook. I would like to be judged by what I have done in my life, how I treat my loved ones, and the things I teach my children.

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[quote cite=’Chubskulit Rose ‘ align=’left’]I would love to be weighed on what I can do as Mom and not as how I look. I think my biggest accomplishment was being a Mom![/quote]

My readers agree with me! On my last post, Don’t Judge Me, for the #WeighThis campaign, I received the following comments on the blog telling me what they would rather be weighed on. If you have a comment to add, please let me know what it is you would rather be weighed in on instead of your weight (no matter if you are big or small).

[quote cite=’Jeanine Macintosh (Six Time Mommy) ‘ align=’right’]I wish people wouldn’t weigh me at all. On weight, appearance or anything but we all know that will never happen. So, I just hope people weigh me on my ability as a mom, person and friend. Less on the material aspects and more on who I am as a person.[/quote]

Way to go Chubskulit Rose! Being a mom is very important, and how you raise your kids and role model is one of the most important things you will do in your life. Jeanine, how you are on the inside should count for a considerable amount!

[quote cite=’Crystal Green’]I wish they would weigh me on my knowledge and skill sets versus my weight size. This is quite interesting.[/quote]

I agree Crystal. Knowledge is way more important! I am a member of the Lean Cuisine Team and help spread the word about Lean Cuisine. As a team member, I receive product and incentives in exchange for participating in brand related activities and spreading the word about Lean Cuisine.