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When Can I Move My Child to a Booster Seat?

Mother’s Choice – Booster Seat

Many parents want to know if their older children are ready to use Mother’s Choice – Booster Seat or age restrictions. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, it is easy to check various lifts’ weight and size limits and see if your child is suitable. Many parents do not know that there are mature requirements for driving a child seat.

Before deciding whether your child is ready to switch from a car seat to a child car seat, you need to understand the difference between the two. The 5-point safety belt can secure the child. The child seat uses a car seat belt as a support for the child’s body.

What is a child seat? 

Compared to Mother’s Choice – Booster Seats with 5-point safety belts, child car seats allow children to wear safety belts. Your child can sit in the child seat and “lift” it to the correct height for the seat belt. The seat belt in your car is designed for adults, so the booster seat will mimic the size of an adult when sitting inside.

Is my child ready to install a child car seat?

The safest way for your child to drive is to use a 5-point seat belt until they exceed the maximum height and weight required for the car seat. However, if you and your child are going to use a seat belt Mother’s Choice – Booster Seat, please first make sure that your child meets the following booster seat requirements.


Each state has its laws and regulations regarding the weight and age requirements of booster seats. What is the rule for extra seats? Always check the requirements of your state! In this way, you will better understand the situation before you transfer your child to another car seat. Most state laws and child seat manufacturers require children to be at least 4-5 years old to use a child seat. However, age is not as important as the other three factors.


When the highest point of the child’s head is approximate, you should switch to the infant seat within two fingers from the highest point of the seat shell. Ideally, it would be best to start looking for a child seat sometime before your child reaches this level. It is recommended to use the two-finger distance because it will engage the “shock absorber” to move upward in the event of an accident. This movement can occur if the belt is not tensioned correctly.

Types of booster seats

There are two types of Mother’s Choice – Booster Seats for your child to choose from booster seats with high backs and booster seats without backrests. The backless booster can be easily transported from one car to another. If you use a booster seat without a backrest, the backrest of the vehicle must be high enough to support your child’s head.

What is high enough for your child’s ears should be under the top of the car seat or headrest—child seat with high backrest. The extra support of the high backrest reminds children to sit correctly. They also help to buckle the child seat and support the children who often sleep in the car to prevent them from falling while sleeping.

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