Which Disney Princess Dolls Are Your Favorite?

Virtually every little girl at one time or another has dreamed of being one of the Disney Princesses. For myself, I wanted to be Cinderella while my sister wanted to be Pocahontas. No surprise there as I was the girly girl who wanted the Prince to save me while my sister was the independent girl who did not even like boys much! For Chelsea, she was all about Ariel from The Little Mermaid, which came out when she was only 2. I have pictures of Chelsea in the bathtub with a fork, combing her hair saying, “Look Mommy, I Ariel Mommy. I Ariel. Ahhh Ahh Ahhhhh.” Even today at the age of 26, she still loves her and wants a copy of the Diamond Edition on Blu Ray. So, let me ask you which would be your favorite from Disney Princess and Me?
Disney Princess Dolls

My Favorite Disney Princess Dolls Are…

Ariel and Belle! If you are a Disney Princess fan, who will absolutely love the Disney Princess and Me website. This is THE place to go for all things Disney Princess. You can choose your BPF (Best Princess Friend) from among the likes of Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Aurora and Tiana. Each of the 18″ dolls are available for purchase at stores like Target, FAO and Toys R Us for an ARV of $49.99. There are activities your little Princess can play like party tips and fortune telling. There are also videos your little girl can watch about the behind the scenes goings on and even how to wave her hand like a real Princess.

We were sent the Jewel Edition Ariel and Belle and they are absolutely gorgeous. Ariel has silky red hair that falls down her back in beautiful waves. Her deep sea blue eyes have a sparkle and a hint of humor behind them just like the Ariel in the movie. Her dress is a mixture of pretty hues of greens and blues that remind you of the sea where Ariel loves to swim and play with her sisters and friends. The outfit is finalized with perfection with her satin shoes and her pretty silver tiara. Belle is as breathtaking in her 18″ doll form as she was on the big screen as she dances with her Beast. Belle’s luxurious brown ringlets are complemented by her golden tiara and sparkling eyes. Her elegant golden gown flows around her as your little girl dances with her around her bedroom.  Both dolls can be easily posed and can stand or can be put in a sitting position. Be sure to put this amazing item on your little Princesses holiday gift list!


  1. I like the Ariel doll. I went searching for Ariel costumes I wanted to make for Halloween and there are some really pretty ones. I pinned a few and several people re-pinned so must have picked a good one. Must find a red wig though because my strawberry blond hair is just not red enough, lol.

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