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Kids are a tricky bunch when it comes to choosing the right holiday gifts. One of the issues in my house is the kids will see a commercial on TV about every 5 seconds and say they must have that item. Of course, I go deaf after about the 4th or 5th time I hear “MOM! Did you see that? How cool is that MOM! We have to get one of those for Christmas.” I mean, how many “must haves” must one actually have? My mom gave me a great piece of advice when my oldest daughter was or 6. Chelsea, like most kids, asked for about a million things that year and I had a very tight budget to work within. Mom said to listen carefully and there would be one or two things she will ask for over and over again. Those few toys are the ones the kids really want the most. Sure enough, she talked most about a tea set whose cups changed colors when you poured water in them. It cost me $12.99 and it was the best money I ever spent. Well, this year, the one word I heard over and over again was “Furby”. I guess it is a no brainer which toy each of the kids will be getting this year! Did you know each Furby Boom from Hasbro has their own unique personality, characteristics and they can hatch digital Furblings! Which of the Furby Boom personalities fits with yours best?

The Furby Boom Personalities Who Fit My Kids Are...

The Furby Boom Personalities Who Fit My Kids Are…

The Furby Boom Peacock is the one Henry chose and the Furby Boom Triangle was for Caitlin. It is weird, but you can look at the patterns on the Furby Boom and see your kids in them. Henry loves bright colors and even though he is a boy, he really likes pinks and blues and greens. The colors on the Peacock were exactly what he likes and he could not have been happier with it. For Caitlin, the Triangle with its pinks, blacks and turquoise, which you will find plenty of in her closet, fit Caitlin to a “T”. Your Furby Boom is a sociable creature and will respond to your voice, have a language of their own called Furbish and it can remember the name you give it. If you need help with understanding anything they say, never fear, because there is a Furbish Dictionary on the Hasbro webpage to clue you in!


These little guys are really cool, although I am going to go ahead and say it; they can get on your nerves after a while. Because they can either talk on their own or talk to one another, after about 30 minutes of their voices chattering and the kids laughing and playing, it can get a bit noisy in our small family room! Thankfully, you can put the Furby Boom in a quiet place and they will stop talking and you get a little quiet. In my house, that did not last long because the kids had them out and were working on their Hatchlings. Each Furby Boom can be taken care of virtually via an app on your mobile device or computer. You can give your Furby Boom a name, give it virtual food, checkups, showers, play games and hatch your Furbling. With each virtual egg you hatch in the Furby Boom app, you get a virtual Furbling! When you hatch enough virtual eggs in the Furby Boom app and fill the towers of Furbling city, you get the golden egg! You can purchase your Furby Boom for an ARV of $64.99 at Toys R Us, Target, Walmart and many other fine stores that carry toys. You can follow Furby Boom on Facebook and Twitter as well as Hasbro on Facebook and Twitter.