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Back Stage Beauty Secrets From Dancing With The Stars

Do you ever wonder how those stars on Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) manage to keep their hair in such perfect shape through all the spins and jumps?  White Sands Hair Spray products are used to manage the stars hair so they can concentrate on their dance moves.  A favorite among stars, such as Karina Sminoff and Sabrina Bryan, of the Cheetah Girls, White Sands is a favorite in general at DWTS.

Backstage beauty secrets from Russell Latham and Hairstylist Robert Wilson “Dancing With The Stars” Voluminous Curls: Clean hair was blown dry with a tiny spritz of White Sands Liquid Texture Medium Hold. Before setting with a curling iron, a tiny bit more Liquid Texture Medium Hold was applied, curling the dancers’ tresses in the desired pattern of the night and clipped. Upon returning from makeup, the clippies were removed and hair would be teased at the root. Curls were then fingered out into gorgeous waves, securing the look with White Sands Infinity Hair Spray.

Protect Hair From Humidity

White Sands Infinity Finishing Spray provides incredible hold, control, and volume but without any the stiffness.  With this finishing spray your hair will be able to maintain its style even while being combed.  Also, this product provides protection against the sun since it also supplies UV protection.  One of the unique features of this hair spray is that it actually repels water, which will then protect your hair from humidity.  The Finishing Spray works well too if sprayed on your hair prior to using your hot tool for styling. This product retails for $21.00, and be purchased on the White Sands website.

The company White Sands had a very unique beginning nearly 10 years ago.  This company is family-owned, and began this adventure when the family of five started by filling products from gallons into 8.5 oz. bottles in one of their garages.  It was in 1999 when they participated in a Premiere Beauty Show in Orlando, Florida, when they had already sold 200 kits by noon on the first day, that they knew they were on their way achieving success.  In 2006 another family member was brought in to expand their distributions chains nationally and internationally.  Since that time, White Sands now has 28 distributors nationwide.

White Sands sells a full-line of hair care products, including shampoos, conditioners, styling sprays, and styling products, treatments, accessories and tools.  Shop there today to get the incredible hold and flexibility as the stars of Dancing With The Stars.

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