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Who Are The Heroes For Children In Your Home?

It is interesting to me how heroes have changed from generation to generation while some have stood the test of time. When I was younger, we had heroes like Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin who walked on the moon in 1969 when I was just 7 years old. I can remember watching that with my family like it was yesterday. Our hearts swelled with pride as we watched that moment  and heard Armstrong say “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”  Two men who were my biggest heroes were 2 regular guys that not many people even knew; my brothers Tom and Rick. Shortly after Neil Armstrong spoke those memorable words, my brothers were hugging us goodbye as they left for Vietnam. We had 2 gold stars in our front window, we watched every USO show hoping to get a glimpse of one of them (and we did!) and we held our breath until they arrived home safely. Today my hero is much different from the heroes of my youth. Although he is just as brave, makes my heart swell with pride, he is still afraid of the dark! My hero is none other than my son Henry. Henry has autism, and he faces each day with more courage and optimism than most people I know. Although he faces adversity, bias, and the battle of eating his vegetables and brushing his teeth, he does so with grace and enthusiasm and for that, I salute him.

Who Are The Heroes For Children In Your Home?

As I was writing this post and reflecting on who my heroes were and who my son’s heroes are, there are some differences and some similarities. Since he was 2, Henry has loved all things Spiderman, although he never saw one cartoon or movie about the character! He has Spiderman for Halloween for the past 6 out of  8 years, including this past year. He has bedding, toys, plush figures, costumes and a pile of other Spiderman memorabilia. Henry said he loves Spiderman because he saves people, he is brave and he is not afraid of heights unlike his mom! If you were to ask my kids, “Who are the heroes for children in your home,” they would have one enthusiastic response. Henry’s other heroes are the same for many men, women and children across the country; the brave men and women in the military. Because I know how it was living in a home where two loved ones were thousands of miles away, fighting for their country, I have told my kids that many times. We do not have a relative in the war currently, but it has not deterred Henry from dressing in camouflage, watching military shows and playing military games. He talks often about how brave these men and women are and how he wished he could go visit them and help them win the war so they could come home.

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