Chinese Brides vs. Vietnamese Brides

Choosing an ideal life partner can be hard, as there are many things to be considered for relationships to blossom into marriages. While most Asian women are looked upon as ideal wives, let’s see what facts have to say about Chinese brides vs. Vietnamese brides!

1. Personality

Education is highly valued in both Chinese and Vietnamese cultures. However, the upbringing of a woman says a lot about her. So when it comes to personality, a Chinese woman is always considered to be more ambitious, outspoken, and slightly dominant than a Vietnamese woman. Some men prefer to date submissive women who take care of everything they need, which perfectly defines a Vietnamese woman.

2. Fashion

Speaking of fashion, all Asian women have a great sense of style! Thus, on a normal day, you will see Chinese and Vietnamese women in similar, casual outfits. However, during festivals and special occasions, the ethnic clothing of these two groups differs. Chinese women traditionally wear a Cheongsam and Vietnamese women, an áo dài as per their culture and tradition in order to keep up their ancestral heritage. Both these dresses are elegant and beautiful so it is hard to tell which one is better. Above all, a woman always has her own personal style which matters the most!

3. Looks

Most Chinese women are tall and have a paler skin tone than the average Vietnamese woman. While both the groups have East Asian looks which makes them look absolutely pretty, Vietnamese girls are curvier and tend to have better features. If you like a woman who is tall with a light complexion, you will surely fall in love with Chinese women and if a curvy woman with better features catches your attention more often, then a Vietnamese woman it is!

4. Femininity

As most Asian women come from conservative and highly cultured families, both Chinese and Vietnamese brides are equally feminine and prefer to be led by strong, masculine men. From a young age, they are taught how to cook and handle other household chores, which makes them ideal to date or even marry. They also know how to dress well and present themselves!

5. Diet

The East Asian food culture and cuisine is vast yet pretty similar. However, if you take a closer look, there are some subtle differences in Chinese and Vietnamese food preparation and consumption. The type of noodles used, meat served with the dishes and the choice of vegetables result in distinct tastes. A Chinese diet is usually more carb and protein-heavy while a Vietnamese diet generally consists of carbs and proteins in a small portion with vegetables, herbs and fish sauce. This in turn affects the health and habits of the women.


Therefore, there are many pros and cons to dating Vietnamese and Chinese women dating which can be considered before getting into a relationship, especially if you’re looking for something long term— like marriage. Lifestyle is another important factor that makes a woman what she is, depending on socio-economic factors and family background. So keep in mind the previously-mentioned points and look for a woman that you prefer. Above all, remember that every woman is unique in her own way so don’t forget to listen to your heart!