I have been shaving my legs for about 35 years now, so I consider myself pretty experienced. I have used men’s and women’s razors, disposable razors, electric razors, had waxes and used those smelly creams. Although virtually all of these shaving methods work, they do not last very long, do they? I hate going through all of that trouble only to see the hair grow back a day or two later and there you go, repeating it all over again. I had heard about epilators (my sister and daughter are big fans) but I had not used one myself. I was not sure what all the hooplah was, so I decided to see why an epilator for women is so popular. Here is what I found out:

  1. Softer Hair: When the hair does finally grow back, it is much more silky and soft than it was before you used the epilator.
  2. Not Just For Legs: You can use your epilator (depending on the brand and attachments) on your underarms and other areas for safe hair removal.
  3. Great For Sensitive Skin: If you have sensitive skin, you will see far less side effects, if any, than you would see from a razor, waxes or creams.
  4. Efficient: Using an epilator, especially when you get the hang of it, is a quick, easy and very effective method of hair removal.
  5. Lasting Smoothness: The biggest reason women love an epilator, and I can see why, is because the results lasts for up to 4 weeks. Because it removes your hair from the root, it takes longer for it to grow back. If you use a trusted product, like the Philips Satin Perfect epilator, you know you are in good hands for your epilating needs.

An Epilator For Women Is Popular

An Epilator For Women Is Popular

Since I wanted to see why an epilator for women is popular, I decided to take the Phillips Satin Perfect 30 Day Challenge. I was sent their beach ready kit”, which included a fantastic woven tote and a thick and thirsty beach towel, the Philips Satin Perfect epilator, Sarna lotion and some pretty snazzy purple nail polish! I could not wait to get started and since you should let your hair grow out a bit, I had to wait a while before I could put the Philips Satin Perfect epilator to the test. After about 2 weeks of some pretty narly and hair legs (as my husband put it) I was ready to get down and get some silky smooth and beach ready gams. The Philips Satin Perfect epilator has the following key features:

Key Features:

  • Textured Ceramic Discs gently grip and remove even the finest and shortest (.5MM) hairs
  • Body Contouring Head follows every curve of your body
  • 2-Speed Setting allows you to use the ideal epilation speed for your skin-type
  • Built-in Opti-Light reveals tiny, fine hairs clearly
  • Active Hairlifter & Massaging System vibrates and removes flat lying hairs, while stimulating and soothing the skin
  • Optimal Performance Cap pivots for ideal skin contact
  • Cordless for up to 40 minutes of usage time
  • Washable Head

I must admit I was a little nervous to try the epilator because I was afraid it would hurt. My sister has always been one to make me as afraid of something as possible, so she told me it felt like my legs were on fire but my loving daughter said that was not true at all. It did feel a bit odd, and stung a little at first, but after that, it was quite comfortable. I could not believe how smooth my legs were after I was finished.

Before and After

I put on the Sarna Original Lotion for my legs to keep them soft and protected. This steroid free lotion helps with that itch you can get after being out in the sun a little too long or for those pesky bug bites. It also feels really great on your skin after you have used the Philips Satin Perfect epilator. Can you tell from the before and after pictures how much of a difference there is in my legs? I know I have really big pores, but there was a ton of hair and there there was not! I even talked my 15 year old into using it and she LOVES it! This was her first time removing hair in any capacity, and she is sold on the Philips Satin Perfect epilator. I guess I will be putting one of them in her Christmas stocking huh? Well, I am happy to say that on day 24 of the 30 day challenge, I really cannot see any new hair growth. There is a small amount that is really fine and soft, but it would not even show up on the pictures! If you are looking for a very effective hair removal method that feels good, is an impeccably made product from a trusted company and it actually works, the Philips Satin Perfect epilator is for you! You can purchase your Philips Satin Perfect epilator from the Philips website, Amazon, Druststore and as well as many other fine stores where epilators are sold.

One USA reader will win one Philips Satin Perfect Epilator ($149.99)


  1. Philips satin is a good model to use. This company is known for the affordable quality epilators they make. Epilations is a good and cheap hair removal method (the best method in my opinion), the pain is totally tolerable, only the first couple of sessions hurt, after that you get used to it and each session is easier.

  2. I was totally mesmerized with that air fryer thing, and the airfloss. However my fav has to be the espresso machine. mmmm coffee…. 🙂

  3. When I saw you were hosting the Giveaway on the Phillips epilator, I had to jump on it! This definitely is my favorite product! I have an old Emjoi brand one that not work properly anymore. But when it did, my skin was so smooth. The old Emjoi does not have any of those great features that the Phillips epilator has. It would be wonderful to win this gadget! I hate not having a working epilator!

  4. I looked around a bit, but I really like the epilator. Had no idea hair would stay gone so long. I may buy one before I coudl win one!

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  6. I really like the Headgroom do it yourself hair clippers. They might just be the perfect Christmas gift for my son!

  7. The energy lights, since during the winter mine definitely dips and I’m terrible about taking vitamin d.

  8. Grungy fingernails. Eeeeew 🙁 Also, please write using contractions. Your writing wouldn’t be so choppy, and would flow a lot better.

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