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I have been traveling a lot for business this year and for me, it is a lot of fun. At the age of 50, I had only been on an airplane twice in my life before this year. Now, I have been on an airplane 5 times! I am quickly learning some tricks for easier traveling from mistakes I have made this year. One thing I learned was I only need my picture ID and phone when boarding the plane. This eliminates the need to carry my purse, which also eliminates the extra piece of “baggage” counted on the plane. Bearing this in mind, I also learned I can carry a larger bag to hold my computer, a book and other essentials I may need during the flight. One other very important thing I learned was to have the right bag as your piece of carry-on baggage. I am never gone for more than a few days, so I do not need a large suitcase when I travel. I can get away with not checking baggage if I chose the right bag to take on the plane. Because I like to be eco-friendly as well, the perfect bag for me came from ecogear Products.

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Eco Friendly Duffel Bags Are The Perfect Traveling Companion

The bag I received was the Granite Duffel Bag, which retails for $49.99 on the ecogear website . There are so many great features make the eco friendly duffel bags the poerfect traveling companion. The bag itself is made from recycled, so not only is it good for the planet, it is soft yet durable for me. I have a smaller airport in Knoxville, so when I travel, I usually take a smaller plane and have a layover. I usually get a pink tag and the bag gets checked at the gate, where it gets bumped around a good bit.

You know how knocked around a bag gets when you travel and this bag completely stands up to the test. I also love the water resistant, PVC-free TPU material and 1680 ballistic nylon the bag is made with. It makes it tough enough to last and is planet friendly, so it will not sit in a land fill for 1,00 years! This is a great bag for travel, taking to the gym, for an overnight stay or whatever else you can think of. I just love it! Be sure to follow ecogear on Facebook and Instagram.