This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dollar General for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was fortunate enough to have a mother who felt strongly that having an education was a top priority in our home. My mother was a voracious reader and she passed that passion on to my sister and I. Although I do not have as much time to read as I would like, I sneak in a book whenever possible. I have passed my love for reading on to my kids who, like me, are avid readers as well. Two of our favorite authors are A.A. Milne and Shel Silverstein. Reading builds our vocabulary, imagination, exercises our brain, builds concentration and opens the world to us. How would we ever learn about the countries and people from around the world if we were not able to read about them? I was reflecting how we take a gift like knowing how to read for granted. At least for me, I do not think about what life would be like if I did not have the ability to read. Without being able to read, so many doors and opportunities are closed to you, making life more difficult. The folks at Dollar General feel strongly about literacy and they have set up the Dollar General Literacy Foundation. With their help, Dollar General is now opening those doors to those who would have otherwise stayed closed.

Why Learning To Read Is So Important

Personally, I shop at Dollar General and I feel great knowing they have created such an important program to educate and raise the literacy rates in our country. Dollar General understands why learning to read is so important and for 20 years has helped almost 5 million people to read. In addition to the reading program, the foundation also helps people prepare for their GED as well as learning the English language. In that time, the foundation has awarded more than $81 million in grants to nonprofit organizations and schools. Because they feel literacy is so crucial, Pepsi© and Lipton© are teaming up and donating $50,000 to the Dollar General Literacy Foundation.


If you are interested or know someone who would benefit from the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, it is easy to find a location near you. When you go to the Foundation section on the Dollar General website, you can enter your state and county and a list will populate of nearby centers. I love that in addition to reading, the centers can also offer assistance with math and technology as well. This is such an important program and it is so nice to see how many people have been and continue to be helped by this program. If you are interested in volunteering for the foundation, you can visit the same area online and can search for needs in your area. While you are shopping at Dollar General, do not forget to stock up on your Lipton© products! You can save $1.85 on Lipton Pure Leaf products with the downloadable coupon available.

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