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Are you old enough to remember the “old fashioned” telephone that had the handset attached to the base with the cord? If so, how much did you hate how tangled that cord would get? I was a pacer when I talked on the phone, so by the time I ended my call, I was wrapped up in that cord like a mummy! I must say I miss having that retro phone handset when using my mobile phone. I have always felt talking on a smartphone while multi tasking was awkward because the phone is so small. It is really tricky to cock your head and balance that little phone on your shoulder. That is why I miss having the larger handset on the traditional telephone we used to use. Now that I have had shoulder surgery, it is even harder for me to talk on my cell phone one handed.  I could not believe my luck when I found that Swissvoice had a retro phone handset for mobile phones!

Retro Phone Handset For Mobile Phones Makes Talking Easier

Swissvoice is a strong leader in the telecommunications solutions industry. Their innovative approach and high quality designs have been connecting consumers since 1893. They are also committed to the environment, which is evident in their eco-friendly fulleco® technology. This technology enables a massive reduction in radiation emissions from handsets and in the electricity consumption of telephones. A guiding principal for Swissvoice has been expecting high quality at each and every step in the production process. You can see the result of this in the extremely well made products that were made to last for years to come. After finding success in Switzerland, Swissvoice has branched out into France, Germany and Poland, India, Hong Kong and Australia.

I was sent the Ah-Mazing ePure BH01i Bluetooth station from Swissvoice and it is dreamy! You can wirelessly connect your ePure BH01i retro phone handset for mobile phones, which is available on Amazon for $99.99. IN addition to connecting your smartphone, you can also use it on your computer or tablet. What you get is crystal clear audio from both your phone calls as well as music. You can recharge your iPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S, as well as iPod touch (4th Gen) on the docking station and stream your music wirelessly to its two built-in stereo speakers. With the hands-free speaker, you can use Apple’s Siri control, even when you are not near your handset. You can control the music level and other functions like play/pause/next/previous, from the handset. You can also connect most other smartphones using Bluetooth., which for me, was very important. I was getting horrible cramps in my shoulder from using my cell phone, but now I can comfortably talk for as long as I like with out pain.  Be sure to visit Swissvoice on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest products, deals and information. Double your chances to win the ePure BHo1i by entering the Swissvoice contest on their Facebook page!  If you go to Target.com and purchase a SwissVoice product, you will get an extra 20$ off only this week until 23rd of November?


One USA/CAN reader will win one ePure BH01i Station from Swissvoice ($99)


  1. I love the corded vintage phone but also like the ePure Mobile CH01 Orange, Neo Retro Corded Handset with Base Station

  2. The mobile bluetooth station is pretty incredible, and def would be extremely handy to have… I love the idea of reducing emissions – I spend most of the day on a cell phone, and it worries me 🙁

  3. I really like the Aeris 133 Trio. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.

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