Organic Beauty Products

I have had great skin until about a year ago when I started noticing breakouts and blemishes. I thought it was nothing big deal until my husband commented that he had never seen me with blemishes before. My beauty routine has been the same for almost 20 years but now my skin can’t handle those same products. A friend suggested I look into organic beauty products, which I thought was a good idea.  Here is some great information on the subject:

  • Cleansers: Many people use soap to wash their face, but even the most gentle soap is too harsh for your skin. By using soaps that are made with natural ingredients like botanicals and extracts, you are treating your face to a good cleaning with no harsh stuff.
  • Towels: Many people don’t think about how the towels they use to dry their skin can add to their skin irritation. If you are using a wash cloth to wash with or dry with that is made from regular cotton, you are spreading chemicals on your skin. By using organic cotton or bamboo towels, you are keeping your face safe from toxins.
  • Lotions: Virtually everyone uses a lotion to keep their dry skin at bay, but what kind of lotion are they using? If you are not using a skin softener that has artificial ingredients, you can be damaging your skin. Use lotions with plant or fruit extracts, essential oils or any other natural product. This will leave your skin soft without leaving behind a yucky film.
  • Teeth : Don’t forget your teeth when you think of making the change to organic. Many organic tooth cleansers have baking powder or salt, both of which are great cleaners that are gentle and effective.

Switch To Organic Beauty Products

Switch To Organic Beauty Products

I agree that it makes sense to put all natural products on my skin instead of products with ingredients I don’t even know what they are. If you keep the ingredients simple, you will be sure you are choosing the right product for your beauty routine. I thought it was time I made the switch to organic beauty products. I was offered a large sampling of products from Saffron Rouge, whose company is well known for their organic products. Started in 2002, the creative team behind the company are all beauty experts who wanted to offer high quality products for the whole family.


  • Badger Aromatic Chest Balm-$5.95: If you have a child with a cold, this is the product to get their sinuses opened up with natural ingredients like peppermint, eucalyptus and ginger. The moment you open the container, you feel as if you are breathing a bit easier yourself. You can rub it under the nose, on the chest or back and your little one will get almost instant relief.
  • Erbaviva Happy Bath Essence-$15.95: Adults and kids alike get stressed and need time to unwind from a hectic day. This bath product is gentle enough for a baby and has soothing ingredients like sesame oil and lavender. Light a few candles and slip into a tub with the Happy Bath and you will see your day fade away.
  • Raw Elements Eco Stick-$15.99: If you and your family love the water, you probably hate using sunscreen that washes right off. With the Raw Elements Eco Stick, you get over 80 minutes of protection between each use. You can even put the product on under water! This awesome sun screen won’t run and sting those precious eyes.
  • Weleda Skin Food-$16.50: Just like your body needs food, so does your skin. This heavenly product will sooth and hydrate your rough skin as well as handle those pesky blemishes. The Skin Food has a delicious citrus smell and has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties that will give your skin new life.
  • Weleda Calendula Body Wash and Shampoo – $8.50: How awesome is it to have two great products wrapped up in one? Unlike many body wash and shampoos, the Calendula product leaves your skin and your hair feeling silky smooth. The gentle formula has plant cleansers and can be used on newborns or grandparents! With sweet almond to moisturize, you have all you need in one bottle.

Pet Shampoo

  • Lotus Wei Infinite Love Mist-$39.75: If you have had a hard day and you just want to feel loved, grab the Infinite Love Mist! This intoxicating and decadent product takes your senses on a vacation! With the scents of roses, honey and mandarin orange, this mist will have your stress gone in a few pumps!
  • Weleda Children’s Tooth Gel-$5.25: If you want a completely safe and effective product that young teeth can handle, the Welenda Tooth Gel is perfect.  With finely ground silica, you get a gentle cleanser and the spearmint and fennel leaves a fresh taste behind.
  • Leap Organics Eucalyptus Bar-$4.95: This is my favorite! The soap is gentle but it leaves your skin so soft and smells awesome. If you want to get your day going right, the refreshing smells of anise (favorite), mint and eucalyptus will do it. The soap is vegan and gluten free and bio-degradable and is the best soap I have ever used. I hide it so no one else can steal it!
  • Leap Organics Lavender Lip Balm-$3.49: I LOVE this lip balm! I can’t sleep until I put on my lip balm and this is so amazing! My lips are so soft from the olive oil and Shea butter and it leaves behind a great taste. With other lip balms I have used, I get up 2-3 times to replenish, but with the Leap Lip Balm, I only put it on once. Yay!
  • Takeya Saffron Rouge Water Bottle-$19.99: I do not like using stainless water bottles because they get awfully cold in my hands! With glass, I know I am being socially responsible and enjoy using the bottle much more. The water bottle from Takeya has a nice tightly fitting top and the silicone covering keeps it from slipping out of your hand! The bottle is made from naturally BPA, lead and phthalate-free recyclable glass.
  • John Masters Organics Lemongrass Pet Shampoo – $20.00: Our dogs have really sensitive skin and  this is the first product we have used that left their coats soft and shiny with no adverse reaction. Because it can also help keep fleas and ticks away, this is just an added bonus for a natural repellent. We love this product!

You can purchase any of these products and many others on the Saffron Rouge website.