brand nameWhen it comes to promoting any business in any industry, consistency is the key to long-term success. You need to be consistent in your approach to your marketing strategy, always putting out advertisements and promotional offers that people will be attracted to and won’t be able to refuse. But you also need to be consistent in terms of the design of your branded materials both online and offline. To understand why, continue reading for some helpful information.

Brand Recognition is Vital to Success

Brand recognition is vitally important to the success of your business. If people don’t recognize your brand as being unique and worth their money, they will simply go elsewhere. And if they visit your website and get one image and then get a totally different image of your company when they see your offline promotional materials, they’ll definitely get confused about who you really are as a company.

Much like you can immediately recognize a brand simply by seeing its logo, by keeping all of your promotional materials consistent, from your branded promo gifts from Showcase Creative, to your website, your customers will be able to readily recognize you and understand exactly what you’re all about and what you offer.


Your Logo Needs to Be Everywhere

Remember, your logo is a representation of your entire brand. It’s the icon that people will use to identify you, and it is the image that you want to put out there. Therefore, you need your logo to be on all of your branded materials, from your advertisements and your website, to your marketing materials, business cards, letterheads, and everything in between. Always have your logo in place so that people will consistently see it and begin to recognize it.

Your Company Needs Its Own Identity

Your business is its own entity, so it needs its own identity, and the only way to achieve an identity is by creating a design scheme that can be consistently applied online and offline. By developing a consistent image for yourself, and by being unique, you’ll be able to differentiate yourself from the many other companies out there who are trying to do the same thing that you’re doing.

Your Website Should Represent Your Brand

Once you’ve established the vibe that you want your brand to exude, you need to develop a website that will effectively represent that image. In this way, when someone visits your website after seeing your business at a trade show, for example, they’ll know that they’re in the right place simply based upon the design of the site. Therefore, your site should match the promotional materials and ads you create. This can lead to retaining visitors and enjoying higher conversion rates.

If you can create online and offline branded materials that are consistent and attractive, you should find that more people begin to recognize your company and view you as a trustworthy and credible source for valuable products and services. And all of that should ultimately lead to increased profits.