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A few weeks back I was telling you I was headed to my first UltraShape apointment.  UltraShape is a clinically-proven, totally safe and effective body-shaping treatment. I was excited to try UltraShape because you are supposed to get rather painless results in 3 short 45 minute sessions. I went to the Baumann Cosmetic & Research Institute in Miami and had Sonia as my tech.

First Impressions

When I arrived at the Baumann Cosmetic & Research Institute I was greeted by a friendly receptionist who had me fill out a slough of forms on an iPad. Along with the  standard HIPPA and patient information forms, I also filled out a skin care survey. I was nervous about the procedure only because it was a new experience. I was asked to strip down & don a beautiful pair of paper shorts. Sexy!

The Machine

The Ultrasound machine they used was somewhat intimidating. When the tech maps your belly it is kinda like playing a video game.

The Procedure

After I changed into my paper shorts, I was instructed to lie back on a examining table which reclined. I was given a pillow to put under my legs since I would have to hold the same position for quite some time. My stomach was taped up and marked so we would remember where to administer the treatment for the next time. Then she placed the ultrasound jelly on my belly, the machine attachment was swirled round and the trigger pulled. I did not feel anything at all on my upper stomach. As the machine was moved around, at times I would feel a warming sensation. For the most part the procedure was relatively painless. On a few parts (over my ovaries) there was a burning sensation which stopped immediately after the machine clicked off. I had started my period that day, and it seems my ovaries are sensitive while working! My next appointments would be scheduled far away from my monthly cycle in order to avoid a repeat experience. The whole appointment lasted around two hours and I had no lasting pain save ripping off the tape.

The Results

As explained to me, I did not notice any visible results after my appointment. I expected this so was not disheartened. I till felt confident enough to wear a bikini on my fitness cruise a week later. When I went back to my second appointment, I found out even with the 11 pound gain, I lost a half an inch from my waist!

ultrashape bikini appointment

HOWEVER, on this dang blasted “fitness” cruise I gained ELEVEN pounds! ACK! Seems if you eat five meals a day, no matter how much you exercise, you will gain weight. No matter, I am hula hooping my way back to the thinner side.

Ultrashape Blogger 20150616 Final (1)UltraShape is the first and only FDA-cleared, non-surgical body-shaping procedure that uses pulsed, focused ultrasound to permanently reduce stubborn fat around your middle. It is not a weight loss procedure, but to me seems like the next step after you have lost some weight with pesky residual.

*Originally I had thought I gained 11 pounds, but I had lost it all so quickly (a few days) I am thinking tit has to be attributed to water weight, bloating, and/or a broken digital scale.

I’m not the only one! Over the next few weeks you can follow along in the journey of ten SocialMoms Ambassadors as they receive the UltraShape procedure to get their best body.