ipad2Great Technology Gift for Teenagers or College Kids

iPad2 is the rage these days! You can even find one a month in the Makobi Scribe giveaway section along with a monthly Kindle. They are amazing. I am able to check my email, stumble my favorite web sites in Stumble Upon, take pictures, video, etc. I found a really cool app that lets me take a picture of me and my kids every day so we can see how we change. I also have taken pictures and turned them into drawings using sketch pad pro and Inspire Pro apps. Safari is a pretty easy browser and is user friendly. My son keeps trying to take mine away from me! So I got him an Asus E Pad to break him into the world of technology. You can get an iPad2 for as low and $445.00. Every college kid I know is hoping for this technology gift.

More Great Gift Ideas

When Christmas rolls around you now every kid in high school and college are calling home to their parents saying they need a tablet because everyone else in school has one! I know mine did. He said he was just tired of carrying his laptop to school every day. OMG! What happned to good old fashion note taking? I never had a computer. Heck I did not even have a cell phone! Did you?

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