Windows Makes Sticking To Resolutions Easier

It is hard to believe it has already been over 3 months since the newest, and in my opinion, greatest, version of Windows came on the scene. The world was already abuzz when we got Windows 8.0 from Microsoft, but when the upgrade for 8.1 came along, it made it even better! And I did not think that was possible! It was like you already had the best ice cream sundae in the world and then you were offered a brand new topping that would make it taste even better.


What I thought was really great about Windows is the new forms and apps available for making my life easier. I made a few resolutions this year which were focused on my health and our finances. With the Bing apps and templates and forms in Excel and Access, I can track my health and finances easy peasy.

Sticking To Resolutions Is Smooth Sailing With Windows

Sticking To Resolutions Is Smooth Sailing With Windows

If you are trying to lose weight and/or exercise regularly, there are some awesome Excel and Access templates in Office 365 for you. These are completely customizable to fit your personal needs. These templates can be synced to your phone, tablet or PC, so they are available no matter where you are. There are charts for men and women to track their fitness progress, your body measurements and there is a weight tracker as well.


The apps in Bing Health & Fitness are absolutely wonderful for all of your diet, fitness and all around health needs. There are a ton of apps to help you stick with your diet including the Diet Tracker, a daily food journal which shows your calories used and still available.


If you are on the road and need to check on the calorie count of something you want to eat, you can pull up the app on your phone or tablet. Now you can easily order a healthy meal when you are away from home. There are also inspirational photos, recipes, ideas to develop a workout routine which is just perfect for you and more. What is even greater is you can store all of this on the SkyDrive app,which is also available for your PC, tablet or smartphone.


If you want to get organized, are remodeling your home or planning a wedding, OneNote is perfect for you! This digital notebook was created to make your life easier! It helps you keep track of all the things you have going on in your life from school activities, doctor appointments, notes, to do lists and more. If you want to see your plans in the big picture, you can easily see them using NovaMindMapping. This is a very cool program to help you map out, step-by-step, everything you need, from the start of your project, to the very end.


If you are working on your finances, planning a budget and tracking your spending for home and work, Excel has you covered! You can create budgets easily with an Excel spreadsheet or template and you can access them with the Office Web Apps. This way, you can check and update your spreadsheets when you are on the go. The Office Web Apps allows more than one person to co-author the document. This allows you and your spouse or partner to edit and keep track of your budgets in real time. What is really cool is you can both access a document at the same time.

family budget

Another really cool way to set your budget, track your financial accounts, set reminders to pay bills and more, is Mint on Windows and Windows Phone. This program affords you a simple way to organize your finances. When you link your accounts, you will see multi-touch graphs which clearly shows you what you are spending. You can also get access to financial advice or apply for a loan with just the click of a button.


One tool I felt was really neat  is something for  those who deal with charitable contributions. If you are a fund raiser, this is something you will totally appreciate. Windows has FundraiseNow for TeamRaiser , which allows you to send emails, accept donations, send a thank you to new supporters, and track your fundraising goals. You can do all of this with the easy to follow software and you can do so from your Windows PC, tablet and Windows Phone.


If you have not updated to Windows 8.1 and would like to, you can purchase the update online or in any store where Microsoft products are available. Be sure to back up all of your files before attempting to download and update any new software on your computer. Once you have downloaded the truly phenomenal  Windows 8.1, you are in for a treat! You will have access to such features as Snap, personalizing your Start Screen, rearranging apps, and creating groups, Bing Smart Search and Picture Password and much more.

Which of the features on Windows 8 do you enjoy most?