Imagine a place where anything that could be dreamed up by your imagination could become real just by wishing for it. In the new animated series Wishenpoof, we enter the magical world of Bianca as she explores her new magical ability to make wishes come true.  As she soon learns from her mother, who also has wish magic, it will take lots of time and practice, before she can control her wish magic as easily as her mother. As we journey along with Bianca and her magical bear Bob through their daily adventures we are presented with life challenges that our children encounter on a daily basis.



As Bianca learns again and again that wish magic is hard and will take lots practice as well as self confidence. Even though Bianca has wish magic, she must learn that using her magic to solve all of the problems she encounters is not always the right thing to do. With or without magic there is always a way to do the right thing. As we learn in the first episode about helping others find their self confidence, you can’t just wish someones fears away. But by exploring the reason for the fear together we can help them be overcome by being supportive and encouraging of each other. There’s magic in that all by itself.

In another episode as we follow Bianca,who is still learning the ins and outs of her wish magic, we learn about another important life skill. Bianca learns how that misunderstandings can often be resolved and cleared up just by taking to one another. We also learn how to embrace the creativity of others while exploring the limits of our own creativity.


This wonderful new series from amazon has unbelievable 3-D animation and a format that keeps the kids involved with all of the life and social skills lessons that are being presented. Wishenpoof  will be available for download for Amazon Prime members on August 14th 2015. Be sure to get yours and join your children on an extraordinary magical learning adventure.