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Worlds Coolest Earbuds Skullcandy Heavy Metal

For Christmas last year we got Megan an iPod Touch, she loves listening to music and singing.  Unfortunately, she enjoys listening to her music and singing sitting on the couch while her brother and sister are watching one of the their shows.  This is not a good situation, bickering always ensues.  Lately I’ve had to remind Megan to get her ear buds, then she can listen to her music without interrupting other people.  This works out very well, except for the fact that she still sings out loud to whatever she is listening to!

World’s Coolest Earbuds

I’ve had some really cheap earbuds before; they have horrible sound quality and make everything sound rather “tinny”. In 2003 a company called Skullcandy was first introduced, they market headphones, earphones, hand held devices, audio backpacks, and other devices. In 2003, the first Skullcandy product was the Skullcandy Portable Link, using the LINK system which combined headphones with handsfree cellular technology, allowing users to both listen to music from a portable audio device, while making and receiving calls through their cell phone. In 2008, the company was named “the world’s coolest earbuds,” by Fortune Magazine.

One of the lastest earphone releases from Skullcandy is the Skullcandy Heavy Metal. Although these earphones look like they might be heavy since they are housed in heavy metal (hence the name), they are lightweight, and very strong. The cord houses the volume, song control, and microphone was well placed. They have a great design and come with different rubber tips to get the best fit in your ear.

Quality Earbuds for Under 100

As for sound quality, outstanding! These earphones were engineered to increase the air flow in the ear canal giving outstanding directional sound projection which makes you feel you are right there at the concert of whatever you are listening to. They have an amazing amount of bass that comes through, which takes care of that “tinny” sound. The bottom line is that these are quality earbuds for under 100, which will work with iPhones and Androids. The retail for $79.95 and can be purchased through retailers, specialty outlets, and their online store.

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