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Would You Try Using Olive Oil On Your Body?

As I am getting older, my skin is not as it was when I was younger. I never had a lot of issues with dry skin and lately I have noticed patches that I did not have before. I have tried a few different products that worked superficially, but I needed to find something that was going to give me some deep down dermis nourishment. I had been reading recently about the healing and softening properties of olive oil. I thought it was a bit unusually because I use it on my pasta, but I have not ever considered putting it on my skin. It turns out that there are super anti-oxidants that can repair and heal skin that has been damaged by the sun or pollution as well as give it deep down hydration. You can use it daily in a lotion or you can also use it in your bath water for a nice deep soak and a skin silkening as well. There is a fantastic place called McEvoy Ranch and believe it or not, they are producing some of the finest olive oil around.

Try Using Olive Oil On Your Body

Nan McEvoy is a woman who loved Northern California so much, she wanted to find a place her grandchildren could relish in it’s beauty. She found and fell in love with 550 acres and thought of a book her son had given her because it made him think of her love of olive oil. She got some sage advice from an expert in the field and planted 1,000 seedlings all the way from Tuscany. Now McEvoy Ranch sells some of the best olive oil you can find and if you are ever in the area, be sure to take a tour of the sprawling ranch. In addition to the olive oils and specialty foods you can purchase from the ranch, you can also buy some of the most unique and incredibly rich bath and body products available.

I was sent 3 of the products from the 80 Acres Ranch bath and beauty line and they are just indescribable. The Lavender Oil is a rich and deep moisturizer for your skin that includes olive, jojoba and sweet almond oil. If you were interested in using olive oil on your body, just a few drops of this in your bath water will leave your skin softer than you have ever had it before. After I soak in the bath for a while and dry off, I use the sweet smelling Blood Orange Body Lotion on my elbows, knees and heels where I am getting drier than normal patches. For the shower, you can get the same soft skin from the olive oil soap which I received in the Verde, which smells terrific as well. I absolutely love and recommend these products for any skin type and for any degree of dry skin you may have. You can purchase the 80 Acres products from the McEvoy Ranch/80 Acres Skin Care online storefront. The products I received can be purchased for $32, $11 and $9, respectively.

One USA reader will win their choice of scent of one Bath Salt and One Hand and Body Lotion.


  1. I like the Lavender Body Oil and lotion. I have the driest skin in the world. Thanks for this giveaway!

  2. There’s lots of good stuff, but my favorite is the lip balm – I’m always looking for a really good one for my chapped lips.

  3. The body balms sounds wonderful!
    What a interesting company…I like that they use natural ingredients!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  4. I could really use the ‘Hand and Body Wash’ with healing herbs. Spring cleaning yard work has got almost every surface of my body covered with scratches, brushes, and gashes that burn like the dickens when washed with regular body wash.

  5. i would love to try the salt scrub in the blood orange or verde. the entire product line sounds fantastic! thanks for such a nice giveaway!

  6. I’ll try nourishing from the inside, I would choose the McEvoy Ranch Oil with Olives Collection

  7. i love lip balms so i would try that out. My lips get so dry and i have to keep them all around and in my purses

  8. I’ve never used these products before. I love anything from soaps, to salts and lotions….I am such a girl lol

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