Yoga Fitness for Children

Yoga Fitness For Children

In searching for alternatives for my kid’s video game obsession, I found yoga fitness for children. My kids are pretty active but I think they still spend too much time on front of the television or video game monitor. The kids have bikes, skateboards and scooters to ride, so they do get out and play a good bit. The only problem we have encountered lately is the severe weather we have been experiencing in my town. We have had a good amount of severe weather that included hail, strong winds and hard rain. With this weather keeping us inside more than we would like, I have discovered a fun alternative in yoga for our family.

Leah Kalish is the force behind the “Move With Me” action adventure DVD series for kids. This innovative program blends captivating stories, movement and fun for the whole family. Leah has a background in education and is a speaker/trainer advocating empowerment for kids through exercise and creative play. She holds a BS in Dance Movement from NYU and an MA in Human Development. She has co-authored curriculum for kids from pre-K to high school. Leah has co-authored books on yoga, created Yoga Kit for Kids and is an instructor for yoga fitness for kid’s videos. With the help of her husband Bruce, Leah went on to develop the Move With Me series. These award winning 30 minute DVD’s encourage your kids to get up, move and have fun while learning about universal moral values.

Creative Movement For Kids

I am in need of getting up and moving and I thought a good way to do that would be to participate in creative movement for kids. I am always more likely to get up and exercise with my kids encouragement than on my own. These DVD’s are so clever with the storylines and the integration of the Yoga movements. My family was asked to review several of the Move With Me series and our favorite was the second DVD in the Scooter and Me series, “Monkeying at The Zoo”. This adorable story takes you on a trip to the Audubon Zoo with Monkey. You will hop on the train and visit several animals at the zoo including the giraffe and elephant. Your kids are encouraged to stretch, stomp, swing and roll, all being done to prompt your kids (and you!) to have fun with exercise. On a personal level, with Henry’s autism, we have many melt downs through the week and one trigger is too much stimulation. I noticed with the Move With Me series is the difference in his behavior after interacting with one of the DVD’s. I am now able to take some of the movements in the DVD and use them as calming techniques. This series has been a huge blessing for our family.

One winner will receive a 3 DVD Yoga Move With Me package, retailing at $49.95

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