My family just loves the outdoors and we spend as much time there as possible! When summer is here, we are in the water, at the amusement park and in the back yard jumping on the trampoline. When the weather turns cooler, we change gears and get our camping hats on. We have been camping as a family for as long as I remember, and I have passed that down to my kids. Instead of a traditional annual family reunion with our extended family, we do a huge camping trip. Last year we had almost 50 of us and we had the most fun! The kids were running everywhere, pretending to hunt bears, roasting marshmallows over the fire and telling ghost stories at the end of the night. The one time that virtually everyone gathers during he day to connect is at the evening meal. With so many people, it is hard to keep up with all of our equipment when it all looks the same. That is why I am so exciting about the new camping themed products that are currently available from DuPont™ Teflon®. I didn’t want to wait until the cooler months, so we brought our camping gear to the beach. We had picnics, camping style, on the porch, in the sand and Mason even took the gear in the water~!

How To Make Camping Easier

When you have gathered 10-15 families for a camping trip, there is a lot of gear in those woods! Because a lot of us shop at the same stores, we tend to have a lot of the same camping gear. hank goodness for labels and laundry markers or we would take home someone else’s sleeping bag or tent! We all love to cook and we are constantly challenging each other to come up with great tasting meals. We tend to cook in groups and share the food with the entire group, which makes it more fun! The one thing we all complain about is how the cooking equipment we use it not always up to par. With the new Bugaboo Camper cook set from DuPont™ Teflon®, we get a fun AND functional set of cookware.

How To Make Camping Easier

One thing you always crave when you are camping is space! I know it seems like an oxymoron considering you are in the great and wide open spaces of the outdoors. When you are camping, you want to save space as far as gear goes because less is best when it comes to that. It is funny how much I have evolved over the years, especially with my cookware. When I first started camping, I brought my own cookware and bot was it clunky and heavy. Fast forward to now and with the Bugaboo Camper cook set from DuPont™ Teflon®, I have a compact design, high quality equipment and it is fun! You can use the set for 2 people backpacking or for 4 campers and the stuff sack can double as a sink! The color coded gear makes it easy to separate and keep up with, especially for the kids. With the folding gripper locks, you will not get any scratching you also get a secure handle while cooking.  Each piece nests for easy storage, the crush proof and heat-resistant strainer lid and silicone ring works with the pot or the frying pan. This set is perfect for your next camping trip and with its compact and lightweight design, you are saving instead of adding space. You can find the GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Camper cook set featuring Teflon® nonstick coating @ at REI, ACK and other fine retailers that carry camping equipment.

One USA reader will win one GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Camper set from DuPont™ Teflon® ($99.95)



  1. this woudl be good for me we have motor home and go camping all the time up to 1 month at a time and then drag the dishes and then pot and pan i would love to keep this in the camper wow

  2. The picture posted make me look twice. My family uses the same kids Brita water bottles and eat the same Müller yogurt! Anyways my favorite products include space saving ideas and kitchen items. my favorite product today is a spoon to eat that yummy yogurt!

  3. I love cooking with cast iron but it is always so heavy, so my favorite products are the light weight non-stick cast iron skillets. 🙂 Thank you.

  4. I like the non stick bakeware. As a matter of fact we are baking a Salmon right now and this would be great!

  5. I would so love if my kitchen was sporting the Tramontina® Porcelain Enamel Colored Nonstick Aluminum 14-Piece Cookware Set

  6. It’s hard to choose a favorite. I like the Tramontina® Porcelain Enamel Colored Nonstick Aluminum 14-Piece Cookware Set

  7. The Light-weight Nonstick Cast Iron is a cool idea and probably my favorite. Though I do also definitely like Bugaboo Camper cook set just well.

  8. I like the Memory Foam carpet pad with Teflon® surface protector. I didn’t know they had these products. Thanks.

  9. I like the IMCG C4033PP NoStik Teflon Bakeware Liner 13 x 15 3/4 Inch. This would make clean up so much easier.

  10. i like the ” Tramontina® Porcelain Enamel Colored Nonstick Aluminum 14-Piece Cookware Set” I need new cookware really bad, i really liked the information on the site I will probably buy this….thankyou!

  11. Bad respondent–I’m not a fan of non-stick cookwear, can’t get a really good sear on meat or seafood.
    I’d rather use cast iron.
    My favorite teflon product would be Zardoz® NotWax® for Skis and Snowboards–schuss away.

  12. I like the SIMONIZ® Interior Protection for your Car. With two kids and a dog it would be nice to keep the interior clean in our cars.

  13. I like the new product Tramontina Porcelain Enamel colored Nonstick Aluminum 14 Piece cookware set

  14. I love the paint with teflon in it. That would be great for cleaning my walls from the mess my dog and husband makes on them.

  15. I can’t even figure out where their products are on the site, but I see plenty of teflon referneces! love those.

  16. My favorite is the teflon lens coating. I didn’t even know it existed and now I want it! I always scratch my glasses.

  17. I love how they have made it into clothes now but I do think the camping set is awesome how it all fits together for easy storage at the camp site

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