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Easily Control Litter Box OdorSo you have decided you will be getting a kitten for your home? What a great choice! They are so adorable and wildly popular pets for people of all ages. One of the perks of having a cat is they are relatively easy to take care of. Cats are pretty independent creatures and they only need you to feed them and give them a proper place to use the bathroom. If you have ever owned a cat before, you know most of the time, they will come to you if they feel like having any further human interaction!

I love the convenience of setting up a cat litter box that is tucked away where my cat can do her business. What I do not like about a cat litter box is the taking care of it part! You need to lug around the litter, it may or may not clump like it is supposed to and it may say it eliminates odors, but who are they kidding? Luckily, with Tidy Cats® newest addition of odor-fighting power of Glade™ Tough Odor Solutions to the product line, you can kiss those odors goodbye.

Easily Control Litter Box Odor

Have you ever had friends or family over and you notice “that” look on their faces? You know the one I am talking about! The “what is that smell” look that can only come from a smelly litter box. It seems no matter what you try, you have difficulty trying to easily control little box odor. I know I personally have tried different brands and home remedies like adding baking soda or a powdered additive with a nice smell. Well, as soon as the cat uses the little box, the nice smell goes away and you are left with the urine and feces odors. Gross! Now that you can purchase Tidy Cats with Glade, those days are gone!

The new Tidy Cats® with Glade™ Tough Odor Solutions combines two trusted products to do one very big job. They are being called letter’s new power couple and I think that describes them perfectly! You get the fine quality litter from Tidy Cats® that does clump like it is supposed to and you get the odor control from Glade™. When you purchase your new Glade™ Tidy Cats® at Sam’s Club, you are also saving on your spending which is always awesome! You can purchase the Glade™ Tidy Cats® at Sam’s Club in the twin pack of easy-to-handle jugs to make cleaning your litter box a breeze!

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