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You Can Have a Facelift Without Surgery

Now that I am facing down the big 40, I have been more concerned about my skin. Although I do live in Florida where the sun gets pretty rough, I take precautions against it. I am not out in the sun all the time, I cover up when necessary and wear a good sunscreen. The funny thing about skin is that even though I am diligent about taking care of it, it may not always show it. The facts are that as we age, our skin will lose elasticity, can show signs of sun damage, even if we are careful and we are probably going to get wrinkles. I feel the best thing I can do about these skin issues I may see is to fight the aging process proactively. For me, the products from Hevia Skin Science from Dr. Oscar Hevia gives my skin a fighting chance to thumb my nose at aging skin.

You Can Have a Facelift Without Surgery

The man behind the Hevia Skin Care science, Dr. Oscar Hevia knows about skin. This well respected cosmetic dermatologist from Miami has an extensive background in researching the aging process. The results of the endless hours he put into that research has bore great fruit that is changing people’s lives. One of the biggest finds Dr. Hevia discovered was the amazing properties of the red mangrove plant. This plant, which is indigenous to Miami, as well as parts of the Caribbean, has an extract Dr. Hevia has called the  OH-XI Complex™.  This powerful ingredient has been shown to have amazing success in turning back the harsh hands of time. Those wrinkles, crows feet, sagging eyes and other signs of aging, have an enemy in the Hevia Skin Care line. Who could imagine that you can have a facelift without surgery? With Dr. Hevia’s products, customers are finding this to be completely true.

I was sent the Advanced Firming Treatment and now I see why everyone is so excited. I was able to see my skin become rehydrated and smoother almost immediately. You know those sponges that are flat as a credit card and then you pour water on them and they plump up to a full size sponge? That is similar to what happens to your skin with the Advanced Firming Treatment. I get redness and puffiness in my eyes by the end of the day and with the Advanced Firming Treatment, they looked much less so. My skin  looks refreshed and bright and has a natural glow to it that I did not see before. With regular use, you should be able to see a marked difference in your skin that only surgery may have been able to achieve. I am excited that I have a fighting chance against aging skin with this firming treatment from the Hevia Skin Science line. You can purchase the Advanced Firming Treatment online from Hevia Skin Science for $175.00 along with the other fantastic products from Dr. Hevia.

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