Many years ago I lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for several years.  I have many fond memories growing up in that area and, especially New Orleans.  We would spend weeks camping out at the Grand Isle Beach in Louisiana doing a monumental amount of crab fishing.  We also used to go to Mardi Gras when I was fairly young.  Although I do not remember it being as lively as it is now.  I mainly remember all the bling being thrown off the floats to all the people.  I also remember the outlandish costumes everyone wore.  I am quite sure my perspective on all of these things would be completely different had I not been able to see them clearly.

Sites Of New Orleans

There are many other sites of New Orleans I can recall, such as the French Quarter and the Garden District.  Thanks to always maintaining my vision, I was able to enjoy all these moments clearly.  I have been wearing glasses since the time I was ten years old, I would imagine my perspective would be much different if my vision had been impaired and everything had looked distorted.  Even now, all the fun things I do with my family would be a completely different experience without clear vision.

Maintaining Healthy Eyes

My daughter has been in glasses now since she was 8 years old.  Maintaining healthy eyes through regular, comprehensive eye exams are so important.  Not only do they need to see clearly while in school, but also having clear vision in general is important to their safety so they can see cars and perhaps other impending dangers.  It also so they can enjoy the beauty of what is around them.  There have been times when we have gone out as a family and my daughter has forgotten her glasses, such as to the zoo.  Her experience was greatly impacted by not being able to see the animals clearly.

The one place I would love to go visit some day is Paris.  This is definitely a place that I want to make sure I have perfect vision.  I would love to see the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum, which is home to Mona Lisa.  By consistently having our vision exams on an annual basis, I can rest assured that my family and I will never miss a great opportunity to seeing the world that surrounds us.

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