You Might Be A Redneck WhenThanks to Jeff Foxworthy, rednecks everywhere are being spotted from coast to coast across America! It is a age-old phenomena which has inspired jokes, memes and funny pictures shared across the internet! Of course, since I am from the south, I had to join in the fun! At first I thought I might be able to find a few funny photos, but after going through my Instagram and Facebook pages, I see the truth… I might be a redneck!


You might be a redneck when… your town’s idea of a yacht club, looks like this… My family actually plans to go to these events, and my husband is saving to get a Jeep to ENTER into the festivities!


You might be a redneck when… Drinking from a cup is optional when at the water cooler. Yes, this is my son…

You might be a redneck when…watching the Nascar race for 3 hours straight standing up entertains your kids….for hours…

You might be a redneck when… this is your idea of a cleaning service. Hey my philosophy is: “If they are gonna clean, I’m not gonna stop them!”

You might be a redneck when… your front yard floods, you pull out the fishing poles!

you might be a redneck

You might be a redneck when… your porch has a toddler door. This is Jakobi going through the hole in the screen my cat made. I don’t know which is worse, the fact that I took the pictures while he squirmed through the hole or that the hole is still there! Later he tries to pull his wheels through!

Jakobi going through the porch

You might be a redneck when… you stumble upon a website selling Redneck Nuts and you find the perfect gift for everyone in your family! They have every kinda nut a red-blooded human being would crave, and they even have somethin’ for the tots! Redneck Sippy Cups!

Redneck Sippy Cup


Seriously, even if you weren’t a redneck, you would convert for these nuts! (Ha! I said deez nuts!) They are shipped in a vacuum sealed Mason jar and tied with a bandana. I mean shouldn’t all your jars be dressed for dinner?

RedNeck Nutz (3)

I love how RedNeck Nutz tells you right on the label it was packaged with humor. That is my kinda company.

RedNeck Nutz (2)

I chose an assortment of different nuts which you can purchase as a 3- or 6-pack assortment from $28 to $57. You can also get natz by the jar, bag or bucket!

RedNeck Nutz

My favorite were Sissy ‘s Cin’mon Sugar Cashews but I ate dem all up before I could take any pictures! The Granny’s Fancy Maple Pecans were a close second. On the saltier side, Moe’s Mouth Puckerin Dill Peanuts won hands down! Now that you are headed over to check out the Redneck NutZ, keep your Valentine in mind!

One of my lucky readers will win a premium 6-pack valued at $77.99 just tell me your redneck family moment in the blog comments below.

You thought you might be a redneck when…


  1. My son has had many redneck moments. Currently, he has attached a wooden hanger on the wall for his toilet paper roll.

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