Better with Pets Summit[quote align=’right’]The third annual Better With Pets summit shines a spotlight on the emotional wellness of pets and the people who love them. How do pets help us be well? How do we help them in return?[/quote]Nestled in the heart of Brooklyn, New York, Purina brings the experts in pet science to share their insights of technology, social media, research and the innovations of today in order to strengthen the bond between people and their pets. The first session, as a privileged cat owner, really hit home with me. Interesting to note, I am not the only one who owns a cat telling her on a regular basis how unhappy she is by expelling a body fluid of some-sort.

Fisher cat

The second session broached the subject of stress, our pets and us. Did you know 15 minutes of petting your animal of choice has been proven to slow your heart rate and lower your stress levels?


I love how dedicated Purina is to bringing people closer to their pets. My pets, as I am sure yours are as well, are truly members of my family. I am fascinated with all of the new material I glean on how to connect better with Fisher, Cali & Lucy.


The afternoon was dedicated for pursuing the experiential exhibits. There was a room filled with kittens and grown men cooing and purring along with them. Amusing. IMG_20151103_132018048There were several stations for the cat and dog owner to learn how to interpret, anticipate and meet the needs of their four-legged pals. All and all it was a great day filled with fun ways to educate the media and friends. Want to learn more?