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Have you ever had something important to say, but you just could not figure out which medium you should use to get your message across? Perhaps an ad in the local paper was just too boring, but the cost of a billboard made it unrealistic for your budget. The fact is, outdoor advertising has become an option for those with deep pockets only. Licensing and permits have caused the prices of large scale outdoor advertising to be accompanied by a large price tag. What happens to the mom and pop stores, start-up companies or everyday people who have something important to say, too? Wouldn’t it be amazing to see more public marriage proposals and personalized honorary messages to our service men and women who are home from deployment? Well, low and behold, a solution does exist!

Remember the movie Minority Report, featuring Tom Cruise? One of the coolest parts of that movie, for me, was seeing all of the futuristic advertising. The billboards scrolling across buildings, or along the subway walls and the high tech, interactive newspaper articles. It left me wondering when that kind of technology would become mainstream. Just 12 short years later and along comes Zeusvision. Often technology comes along and spurs new innovation and creates new players in the game. This is what happened at Zeusvision. The founders at Zeusvision saw a new opportunity with large multimedia signs. They realized that perhaps billboards didn’t need to be stationary, but perhaps mobile with wheels and an engine. That spark of inspiration bloomed into the Zeusvision digital media bus with 31-foot, full-color, multimedia displays on either side. Now their billboards were free to roam anywhere, not tied to a piece of expensive real estate or tied to the same “billboard” regulations that the mega-media companies were saddled with.

the future of affordable outdoor advertising

Why Zeusvision Is Affordable Outdoor Advertising Perfect For You:

  • Low Cost: Because they are ditching the pole and going mobile, Zeusvision is able to provide affordable outdoor advertising without the restrictions of being attached to one location. This also means that the increased advertising cost for licensing and permits can be avoided, allowing a starting price of just $99!
  • Value: Zeusvision is including on-board technologies, like GPS, cameras, inertial motion sensors, light sensors, eye tracking, gesture tracking, real-time GPU processing, and other tech packages they are still exploring that allow your graphics and video to interact with the public in ways never dreamed before. Because of the heavy technological influence, your voice will be heard in ways that it’s never been heard before. One might even think of Zeusvision as a huge smartphone on wheels that can position itself wherever the client desires, delivering customized multimedia messages and experiences for a low cost, delivering high value.
  • Exposure: What is better for exposure than a huge moving billboard? How about a huge, moving billboard that will time your message according to when you want it to be seen! That is precisely what Zeusvision can do for you. Using geo-locating ads, you can time your message to appear on a specific street and a specific time, when your target audience will be there to see it. Imagine how easy this would make planning a public marriage proposal!

affordable outdoor advertising

Zeusvision makes it possible for the average person to make their voice be heard. Perhaps you are a mother with a child graduating college. A graduation of any kind is a huge achievement that deserves to be recognized. You can show your grad how special their achievement is in the biggest of ways, like on the side of a digital media bus! Zeusvision is launching a public campaign to bring affordable, mobile, multimedia advertising to most major U.S. cities in 2015. To celebrate their vision of “giving the people their voice back,” Zeusvision is giving away free tickets to the 2015 Zeusvision Music Festival for all of the customers that support their public launch campaign, starting on the 27th of October.

How would you use Zeusvision to make your voice be heard?