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Zumba Fitness Exhilarate Body Shaping System Sweepstakes

We’ve teamed up with a few of our blogging friends to help you start the new year off right with a Zumba Fitness Exhilarate Body Shaping System Giveaway! Is getting fit one of your goals for the new year? If so, you’ll want to win this Zumba Fitness Exhilarate Body Shaping System. It makes getting in shape fun!

Zumba Fitness

Here’s what’s included in the set:

4 DVD Set, plus a Bonus 5th DVD – Rush, an energizing 20 minute workout!
Maraca like Zumba Toning Sticks

This system includes varying levels of intensity, making it perfect for both beginners and those with Zumba fitness experience.

Included on the DVDs are over 30 dance styles from around the world, including merengue, salsa, reggaeton, calypso, cumbia and hip hop. Get fit while having a fitness dance party at home!

Are you ready to party yourself into shape?

This giveaway ends on January 15, 2014 at 11:59pm EST. Giveaway is open to U.S. residents, ages 18+. Please enter via the entry form below. Good luck and Happy New Year!

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  1. to start a fitness plan with my mom she lost a bunch of weight and kept it off a few years and she has recently expressed a desire to workout and spec. mentioned zumba….i would love this !!

  2. I’m trying not to set myself up to fail, so keeping it simple. I’m using more healthful ingredients when I make our dinners, and doing some light cardio every day. No big deal, but keepable resolutions.

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  3. I want to lose weight and try to be more energetic I want to be able to play with my sons more. I have 3 and they have so much energy.

  4. I would love to get something like this. I need to lose a bunch of weight and this would certainly help!

  5. I am just recovering from a long back injury, the surgery seems to have worked, yay! But I lost a lot of strength, and have a lot of work to ahead of me! My goal is to be even healthier and stronger than before the injury!

  6. I have all intentions of getting my finances straight so I can get back tothe thyroid specialist to, get on the correct dose of medicine. Then also to work this weight down and off! Woohoo! This could help!

  7. I really want to eat HEALTHIER in 2013! I have never tried Zumba but I think it will be FUN. And if it is fun, that it will be easier to stick with it!

  8. My health and fitness goals is all about exercising! Last year I walked off 60 pounds and this year I’m going to finish the job by adding in new exercises like ZUMBA!!!

  9. I want to get fit and healthy again. I would love to try the Zumba, it sound like fun as well as getting into shape at the same time

  10. I used to exercise regulary but have fallen off that wagon! I need to get back into it and this might just be the thing! I love Zumba and have taken a few classes- my goal would be to at least look as great as the gal teaching it albiet less coordinated

  11. Last year my hubby lost 100lbs and I lost 26. We still have more to lose as we come to a plateau. Everyone says Zumba is the way to do it!!

  12. Last year my hubby lost 100lbs ans I lost 26. We still have more to lose as we come to a plateau. Everyone says Zumba is the way to do it!!

  13. My goal is to lose weight and get healthier by cutting down on eating out, eating healthier, and incorporating exercise back into my daily routine. Fingers crossed.

  14. I would love the oppertunity to own this amazing give away!!! I have been trying so hard the past couple of months to lose alot of weight and would use this everyday because it is such a fun workout!

  15. My health and fitness goals for the new year are to eat healthier and to exercise regularly by at least walking an hour three times a week so that I will continue to lose more weight this year.

  16. I have to have a complete knee replacement surgery this year so I am going to become more fit and strong to help me recover faster.

  17. To drinkk more water, to get my health & fitness blog off the ground, and to kayak lots more than I did last year!

  18. To drinkk more water, to get my health & fitness blog off the ground, and to kayak lots more than I did last year!

  19. My goal is to get healthy while helping my family get healthy and to lose 30 pounds. I know that all of my weight will not come off at once but over the next 6 mos I would like to lose the 30 lbs then keep it off.

  20. I need to lose at least 20 of the extra 30 pounds or so that I still have left from when I wasn’t working (I went from 140 to almost 190; right now, I’m down to about 165)

  21. My goal is to balance more of everything, food, exercise, relaxation, work, etc… and to try zumba. I’ve been told I would love it!

  22. I want to eat healthier and try to find an exercise method that would keep me interested and have fun at the same time. I would love to try the “Zumba Fitness.” It looks like it would be fun, yet effective.

  23. I am going to spend more time outdoors playing with my kids, it will help me loose weight and spend time with my kids at the same time.

  24. Best wishes to all entrants of this contest! I would love for 2013 to be the year I return to sound health, appropriate weight and body condition. I am eager to get back on “track”.

  25. I need to get healthy enough to donate a kidney if a family member ends up needing it. I still don’t have the exact requirements they’re looking for. But I have heard, you are ineligible to donate if you are so-many pounds overweight.

  26. My goal is to stop making excuses not to exercise and to just do it. I have already got a friend at work that I walk with during lunch and during breaks.

  27. My overall goal is just to be more active, and to make better food choices, more fruits/veggies, more water

  28. To learn to love eating healthy and exercising regularly- to take better care of my body! Thanks for this giveaway- Zumba is a super fun way to exercise! 🙂

  29. I am wanting to continue working on eating healthier and exercising more to lose weight and more importantly to feel better.

  30. Since I just had a knee replacement, I want to get to where I can walk for extended periods of time again. That’s going to take a while. My goal is a mile. Right now I’d be happy for a block.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  31. I need to lose 50lbs and I want to incorporate something I love to do with healthy eating.I hope I win!

  32. My goals are to lose about 15lbs and to include cardio in my workout at least 4 times a week while making it enjoyable, do i don’t dread actually doing it!

  33. My health goal is to get moving more often. Nothing specific as far as time, weight, or technique, but I just want to feel good about moving.

  34. Well, I am starting this year off by trying to get back to the size I was almost three years ago… I have a pair of jeans that use to be my favorite pair… and they are now hiding in the back of my closet and it kills me every time I see them and know that I ONCE fit in them. And only I can move myself to do this…. Encouragement helps but I am the only one that can do this for myself…

  35. no goals except spending more time with family. But I would really love this because I teach in an After School Program for kids in an elementary school that takes kids for free to help keep them off the street- I plan on teaching Zumba to them this semester coming up from Jan-June but we sadly only have one Zumba DVD that I will be able to use. This package would amazing to have for the kids! Thank you!

  36. This year I am making it all about ME . Exercise, eating healthy, good thoughts, taking time for myself everyday to breathe

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