Zuuzs New Buying Power Program

zuuzsSo maybe you’re not familiar with zuuzs.com.  If you shop online, and you have friends, it’s a site you have to know about!  zuuzs is a site where you go to shop on your favorite websites.  For every purchase, you earn cash back, plus you can invite your friends and family to join your zuuzs circle and then earn money back on all of their purchases as well!  You can sign up for zuuzs by either receiving an invite from a friend, or just signing up on zuuzs.com.  Plus, the more friends you invite, the more you earn!  Sign up today to start getting rewarded for your online purchases!

Zuuzs has a new feature called Buying Power.  The concept is simple, but really pays off in a big way!  The more you do on zuuzs.com, the more you increase your Buying Power!  The higher your Buying Power, the more you’re rewarded!  You increase your Buying Power lots of ways.  You can update your profile with your favorite categories, choose your favorite retailers, invite friends to join your circle of friends and then encourage them to make purchases online, and of course, make your online purchases through zuuzs.  The more that you do each of these activities, the more increase you’ll see to your cash back rate!  The bottom line is clear: higher Buying Power = more cash back for you!  So go ahead and reach out to your friends and family.  Make sure to explain to them how zuuzs works and how it’s different from other cash rewards websites, and you could be earning money for your purchases – and theirs – right away!